Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


So Belly, Joe D, Gleeson, Bags, Stewart, Hooker, Conor…all crap?


Are we really doing this? I said there were exceptions (lots) and I also said it applied primarily to first round picks. Later round projects of course take longer. But first rounders - I reckon you can tell early.


I was convinced on Conor by his fourth VFL game.


That’s three games later than normal?


(Was 3 goals in a typical loss to Willy at Willy)


I kinda agree with this on first rounders.


Theres a distinct possibility we could be 1 and 3 going into Anzac day .

Assuming we win Anzac day after a 10 day break, but then do not recover the following week and go down to Melbourne, we could be 2 and 4.

If that is the case this thread will go white hot with “told you so” naysayers.




Langford isn’t controversial at all, he hasn’t produced anything to suggest that he will be a best 22 player outside of some flashes of brilliance in 2016.




I reckon we might struggle to win the BLT Cup now.


13 wins.
And ■■■■ me if we sign Worsfold in April…


This thread just got a two hour unpaid advertisement.


All aboard… tickets please.


This is where I live.




So what?

Who wants a cup made of bacon/lettuce/tomato?



Hello darkness my old friend


Just what I want to see, a dozen Essendon players walking into a club at 1am after that effort. Don’t worry kids, the future will be just fine…