Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


Bonding session?



Lucky we have a heap of gun mids to come back into the side like Hurley Hooker and Belly.


I do like a good BLT. Yesterday wasn’t a good one.


Ugh, well that’s annoying. Know it’s just a practice match, but you don’t really want the players to go out partying after that effort. If gastro had been such a big factor, surely clubbing would be the last thing on their mind.

Hoping it was mainly the fringe players that won’t get a look in come round 1 at least?


They all go out regardless of the result.


Coming back into this thread like…


Complains about clubs but the club’s glory days were filled with drunken fuckwits.


If I was coach I would have told players no clubing after that effort you are going straight to bed and I will see you at the club tommorow.


Yeah, the days when players could get away with having a drink between quarters etc. I think Vander Haar arrived to the game directly from the clubs!

The discussion is being had in the game thread about having the right attitude, and making winning a habit etc. This kind of highlights that. They were thumped, didn’t put in much of an effort on field and then went out to clubs.


Don’t go early…

It’s JLT

Missing 3 of our leadership, Worsfold experimenting and as Worsfold said just needs a tweak the game plan.

Positives were Smack, Dea, Parish and Smith.

A week is a long time in footy, results in JLT mean nothing. No injuries and match fitness with learning the game plan mean everything.


Serious concerns on the game plan though


Couldn’t get the ball past our D50 yesterday the game plan is shithouse if teams deny our sling shot footy.


Can anyone give me an example of one of the experiments we tried yesterday? I would have loved to have seen us try having a defensive setup but nup, I would have loved to have seen us make it slightly difficult for the opposition to clear our forward 50 from a kickout but nup. I would have like to have seen some younger guys getting big gametime but not really, other than Draper was there any positives at all from the kids???


How hard is it for the coaches to go “You know what the way we want to play is not working forget scoring lets just make it hard for the oposistion” and go in defense mode would have still lost but at least it wouldn’t have been a blow out.

You cant keep persisting with plan A when it’s not working.


Exactly! The game was over half way through the second. At the absolute least we should have seen something TRIED to control the tempo. Instead we continually saw them have free space forward. IF we had really good 1 on 1 defenders it might make some sense but this is of course an area of weakness & good sides exploit it.


we have all of 2 practice matches to see how the gameplan goes, fine tune things, and see who can and can’t.

And you want us to not bother for half of one of them?


I disagree with the phrasing of the posts above but not the intent. Killing a game when the opposition is getting all over you should be part of a gameplan, and one that requires practice, fine tuning, and seeing who can and can’t.


One that we desperately need. Cos if we ain’t scoring we’re doing ■■■■ all.


Not sure why you would think going defensive is not bothering? I’d suggest it takes more discipline & tactics than the natural flair of attacking so therefore more “bother”. Its an area we have struggled with for a long time. We know we were missing a lot more forward than back (Hooker, Stewart, Fanta, even TBell goes forward) & we know from last year that kicking goals was our most effective strength. Just seems like the second half in particular was an opportunity to try something different but I didn’t really see any evidence of this.


Any injuries?

No? Who cares. Glorified training drill.