LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar



Keep it to yourself or Blitz won’t have anything to talk about.


Surely not. When you concede 20 shots from turnovers alone your efficiency couldn’t be that high, could it?

Not sure if anyone can answer this but of you kick the ball to a teammate but it falls short, is that still an effective disposal?


Yep, it is.
And there were far too many errors in that game - on both sides, caused mainly by very high pressure. It always seems more than it is, especially if it happens in ‘runs’.


Fair enough then. I saw overall efficiency was over 70 but figured out handball propped that up


Same old essington


Nothing’s changed. Same old garbage interstate.

Another 4 to go.


Smith, Saad and, Stringer welcome to Essington.


Feel sorry for Smith and Saad. Stringer has been useless.


Stringer built for Essington. Will either be awesome or terrible.


He looks like he has been on the sauce. Plodding.


Ill call it now, there is no hope for this club at all for another 3-5 years. This club has a losers culture (yes, I said culture Deckham), ■■■■ teams now believe they have a better than 50/50 chance of beating us, no matter how they played the week before and how we played the week before. Freo have kicked over 100 3 times in the last 30-odd games, twice against us.

We have been rubbish for the good part of 15 years with the odd appearance (and subsequent drubbing) in a final. We are still waiting, hoping that some of our players will have their break out year or have a good run with injuries when in actual fact it isn’t injuries holding them back, it’s their lack of football smarts. We can not, on any sort of consistent basis play 4 quarters and put teams away. We have the few games a year where we beat a top team and suddenly “oh, how exciting is this Essendon team” and then we get the usual let down and get done by a bottom 4, or more specifically, a future wooden spooner.

Tonight we carried 4 players before the game even started; Langford, Brown, Hartley and Tippa. We are all waiting in anticipation for Lav to get back, but for what? What has he shown?
We as a club need to really take a step back and have a look at how pathetic we have performed at the draft. Whether it’s the blokes who pick the players or the way we develop them, we are missing far too many. We are recruiting HFF trying to turn them into midfielders, it doesn’t work.

The 4 players I mentioned
Langford: Doesn’t have the football brain to play midfield. Best role is a HFF or 3rd tall, not what is required
Hartley: Lol.
Brown: Even bigger Lol, just a dumb dumb footballer with tonnes of courage.
Tippa: Nice story, but we can’t carry him and 3 others, we are not good enough.

To come back in to the side:
Raz - For Tippa?
Myers - For Langford. It’s probably an upgrade but that is an issue in itself.
Ambrose - Brown.

Gleeson is out for another 3 months so won’t bother counting him for this season.

List is thin and even thinner if you’re looking for actual good footballers




Essington, kicking their supporters in the sack for 14 years+


Lol. Where was the lid on thread last Week?

Pathetic thread.


Wrong thread champ


When will the penny drop for this team? every year we look like we have turned the corner only to lose to a side like Fremantle it’s driving me insane.


Typical lid off, happy when we show one week of effort.


Starting to wonder if there is an internal issue amongst the players, very odd to see Tippa and Joe down like this at the very start of the season.


They get probably reached their peak. Lots of B and C graders


Mental midgets who turn into a pack of mummies boys and sleep with the lights on when they have to leave Melbourne. I had us pencilled in for 7th-8th at best this year but may have to review that.