LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


Don’t worry, by the time we lose to one (or both of) either North & St Kilda you’ll not worry about freeing up Septmber in your calendar.


Lol. I was anything but lid off last week.

Lid off and lid on is typical of the hysteria reactionary response to a win or loss in our supporter base.

It’s pathetic


I had always assumed that both threads were a bit of a laugh. The light side and the dark side in a world that is clearly more complex than black and white.

I don’t think people are so un-nuanced that they might believe either to be an accurate reflection of anything.

And if they are, I really wouldn’t want to be inside rosso’s head.


I think it started out that way and has become a serious conversation for pessimism and optimism


I reckon you’re a good guy, Frosty - I like you. Your avatar, at least.
I also think you grossly over-estimate the common man.


Hmm, maybe I’m a little too “lid off” about people?


Realism and optimism.

Remember which thread you’re in!


Lid on for me. It’s the same old Essendon. Expect a couple of big game wins, a few deplorable losses, and plenty if middle of the road plodding this season, finishing 8th at best.
Too many at Essendon are happy just to be at AFL level, and playing list depth is minimal.


We’ve been cursed ever since 9/11 gave bombers a bad name.


You grossly underestimate your ignorance


That’s only natural isn’t it?


I think it all started out a joke.
Lid off would book holidays in October, clear their September schedule. Lid on would book holidays in September, all fun and games.

Think as time went on and the team (and club) started getting worse and worse that the lid on became a darker, angrier (maybe more realistic) thread and started analyzing how bad we are whereas Lid Off were still joking “just a speed bump” as well as analysing how we are improving as well



Though my post sounded much worse (as in uncalled for over the top) when I re-read it.


Is there anyway we can get John Safran in to sort this out?


Our motto this season should of been " No more Fkn Excuses"
As others have mentioned, to many players just happy being afl footballers.


While we’re being cute, can it be 'No more ‘of instead of have’?


We all knew what the challenges were this week.

Even though we find ourselves in the “Lid on” thread we all hoped we were wrong. That it would be different. That we found some sort of intestinal fortitude. Some grit. Some hardness. Some commitment to being consistent. To bringing our best in all circumstances.

But no.

And what amazing tactic were we completely bamboozled by…???

They put an extra man in defense.

Beats us every… single… time.


Freo use an extra man in defense and the forward line

Carlton used the same tactic last year how can the coaching not fix this in 12 months is mind boggling.


last week every centre bounce Adelaide had 2 back ,ran a 4 man forward line. We usually run a 7 / 5 defensive /forward set up.


Not good. Based on our record interstate, we will lose most of these and need to win all Melbourne games to make the 8.

“…The Bombers still have another five road trips this season, a second to Perth’s Optus Stadium along with visits to Spotless Stadium in Sydney, the Gabba, Metricon Stadium and a final-round clash with Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval…”