Lid ON 2024. A wake up call ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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You sir are Bipolar.

Common in Essendon supporters.

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I’ve got a spot reserved for you on Sunday night at 11pm


Been burnt too many times in last 20 years to be “lid off”


This week is going to get messy. Injuries have caught up with us and the boys have been flat post Giants game.

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Can you put a thread on ignore like posters?


It is completely unacceptable to lose to Carlton at anytime. I don’t care if its a practice match, a womens match or the little Auskickers.

Winning is the only thing that matters when you face that urinal cake of a football club

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Go to C:/Windows and delete system32


wouldn’t you like to know

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Im so lid on that its creating some kind of inverse vacuum that may suck the entire universe into itself.

The lid just can not be on any ■■■■■■■ harder.

Now remember how helpful the lid on thread was

Saving my spot here early. It’s going to be standing room only Sunday night.

the week this thread is back, is the week shiels named as an inclusion

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Exactly. And people on here think this is the year. Please, this is Essendon, we just crumble, this season will be no different.
It will be a Carlton destruction on Sunday complimented by some season ending injuries.


Squiggle has barely budged all year, apparently the maths is saying same old essendon

(Lol north)

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