Line in the Sand moment?

Could this be, despite everything that has gone wrong for the club, finally, the moment we say enough is f_____ enough!
We have the talent, my hope is we have the desire! Not sure they have the aggression though!

Often forgotten: Hawthorn lost that game.


True - they lost that battle but they then went on and emphatically won the war.


more like head in the sand


Perhaps Sheedy should threaten to pull on the boots again. It worked last time.


To be clearer: they got smashed as they were too busy getting themselves suspended.

It’s a very retrospective version of history to say it caused anything of note.


I can see Worsfold do that.

And didn’t Blitzers put shitt on them for that!

Who has had the last laugh?

surely it can only get better though. Public embarrassment for all involved on Sunday! 2000 is a long way off! those kids born then can legally drink now FFS!

I don’t think the current group care enough to have a line in the sand like that.

Some of the senior players have already had so many emotional games in them throughout the saga. I don’t think mentally and emotionally they can do it.


Correct. The more apt comparison is we drew a line in the sand and hired Dank and the Weapon. And then yay suspensions while the rest of the competition stays winning.

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Brisbane game last year.
Melbourne games for the last 10 years.
North Melbourne games for the last 20 years.

So much sand


What about the Carlton games last year?

I think we need something as a club to kick us into gear. The expectation we just rock up and get things done is completely at odds with what happens. Maybe we as supporters have been too generous and forgiving. However I feel and hope this is about to end. The tidal wave of discontent is gathering momentum. Not sure how long it will take but I feel these last few weeks will be a catalyst for us finally getting things right.

Unless we somehow turn around the playing results this year and win a couple of finals I would expect a massive clean out in the footy department. Dodoro would have to be gone. Whilst he has done some good things his failure to adapt to modern football in recognising how important midfielders are is just agonising to watch. Then coaches like Neeld and Skipworth and even Harvs need to be moved on. You can’t have so many assistants that are so far out of the game. Fresh blood and fresh ideas is needed. Also promotion from our VFL team to the senior coaching panel should be banned. I am not sure it has ever worked unless the coach has gone to another club.

Off field I couldn’t give two hoots about E-sports or NBL. I know having money is important but do it by winning football matches. You do this and the finances take care of themselves.

I want my football club, my team winning premierships. I want us to be feared and hated. Currently I think it has got to a point where my mates don’t even worry about getting stuck into me because we are just continually rolling out the same crap. We are just so far from having other clubs worry about us at the moment it isn’t funny.


I’m not convinced with the ‘line in the sand’ moment.

As already said we have had so many of those.

I would be more interested in Heppell pulling a few of the snr guys aside and tearing shreds off them.

It says just as much about his captaincy as it does Wooshas coaching that we don’t respond when the chips are down.

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It changed the culture there almost immediately.
They lost the game sure, but they said enough is enough and the whole attitude of the club changed from the top to the bottom.

We didn’t even PUSH Franklin when he had a corkie in the final FFS. We’re so timid and full of “next captains”. Sicily is a complete ■■■■ but damn I love his fire and competitiveness; he has more in him than our entire list has had for 10 years!!!
Where’s the new NLM moment taking on two players at once? Where’s the new age Hardwick, Solomon and Johnson taking absolutely no prisoners?

Some heroin looking junkie who plays for Collingwood went right up into Weiterings face after he gave away a free kick and goal on Friday night in an attempt to BURY his confidence. We’d probably offer to wash his hair and give up our bed for him!!


“yeah, nah she’ll be right bombers fans. Yeewwww”



I think we’re always just waiting for something to kick us into gear, can’t just motivate ourselves!

Line in the sand?

Most of our player group are more interested in being social media superstars (“influencers”), visiting wineries, attending the opening of a new nightspot or restaurant etc…

Football? Line in the sand? What’s that!? :neutral_face:

We have had sides in the past who you know would respond physically (obviously not ‘crossing’ the line) … but show aggression towards their opponents and more importantly the ball. This current crop of players isn’t one of those. Just ask Zac Merrett… how many of his teammates remonstrated with Richard Douglas after that incident in Round 1? Zero.

Port, despite their reputation in recent years of being free wheeling non-contact team, will still expose us for physicality and aggression on the weekend.

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just want good football played.

surely they can do that.