Lloyd v Others

Carey placed Lloyd as below Pav and Tredrea last night in his dozen best fwds list.

Is this fair? I’m too young to have a reliable opinion

Don’t do drugs kids. You’ll stuff up your mind like Carey


IMO that is an utter joke. Lloyd sh*ts all over those two from heavenly heights. They’re not even close.

Carey is probably still bitter about the hammerings Lloyd handed out to Nth Melbourne in the late 90s.

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People not giving Lloyd his due? Gee where have I seen that before?

Oh that’s right, all through his entire farking career. Nothing new here.

Lloyd. 270 games 926 goals, 5 All Australian, 3 X Coleman, Club Captain, 2000 Premiership

Pavlich. 344 games, 680 goals, 6 All Australian, Club Captain

Tredea 255 games 549 goals, 4 All Australian. Club Captain, 2004 Premiership

Goals win games, Lloyd best by far.


Since 2000:

Lloyd, Buddy


The rest of the pack.


Buddy is probably going to have a more consistent career overall, but I’d take Lloyd’s best years over Buddy’s.

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Yeah but lloyd knocked out sewell, sewells a good guy.

Lloyd and Buddy are similar in that you just feel like they will kick a goal if they get the ball anywhere from 65 out. Both amazing kicks on goal, but also both very different players.

Lloydy ■■■■■ all over Pav and Tredrea

Add to Lloyd’s list

Goal of the Year: 2007 Remember that crazy arsed back heeler kick he pulled off between Farkcarlton players legs??

Mark of the Year: 2008 Standing on the pack of Demons to take a massive speccy.

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Lol Carey’s just ■■■■■■ his career ended the way it did

Count me as another who rates Lloyd over Pav and Tredrea as well. Lloyd was always going to be a champion after he arrived at EFC and he delivered. He was not quite as effective after his serious hamstring injury, as it cost him a yard of pace, but he was a spectacular mark when in full flight. He was also deadly accurate. Carey has his own agenda to push here, but as the stats tell Lloyd has the goals on the board to back up the claims, that he was better than those other two.

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Lloyd a far better forward than Pav, but pav was obviously far more versatile.

Tredrea at his peak was scary, his 2004 year was about as good a season as a CHF can have. Lloyd was better for longer tho.

Lloyd was a freak, probably suffers a bit in most people’s memories because his best footy was in the first half of his career. Lloyd was already a superstar when Tredrea was still finding his feet.

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Tredrea 255 games 549 goals, 4 All Australian. Club Captain, 2004 Premiership.

Nup, still not ringing a bell. Tredrea, you say?

Carey must be a chronic masterbaiter to say that!

This is silly.

All-Time List


Since 2000…

Lloyd kicked 681 goals from 189 games at an average of 3.6 goals per game.
Buddy 746 from 231, average 3.23
Pav has 680 from 344: average 1.98
Riewoldt 668 from 308: average 2.17
Fevola 623 from 204 at 3.05
Warren Farking Tredrea 476 from 217 at 2.19

Carey can say what he likes, but since 2000, there’s only been 3 players average over 3 goals per game: Lloyd, Franklin, and Fevola.

Tredrea was overrated but let the crow eaters have their mini Lloydy.

Pav is a great- but Lloyd was much better.

They are different types of players FFS.

Treadrea was a CHF who more often than not monstered us. His goal average would be lower as a CHF.

Pav is versatile but never caused us many problems without massive intervention from the maggots. His versatility is proven by all the positions he received as AA selection. /sarcastica

Lloydy was a sublime FF as shown by the statistics cited above. He would have finished higher in the goal kicking list were it not for injury and mismanagement during the Nights (sic) era.

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Lloyd- daylight- tredrea- daylight-pavlich

I don’t even consider pavlich a afl champion. In the big games he has never really stood up.

Lloyd played well in both grand finals he was in, including numerous big games and finals. Tredrea was very good in big games.

Carey has done way too much coke if he is putting those 2 on lloyds level, let alone rates them higher

Guess he rates CHFs higher than FFs