Local Cricket Thread 2018/19


Bonus Point system got scrapped this season, so finally they listened to what clubs wanted in that regard, but the GF format is a joke. As you say, we don’t play that format at all, so why do so in the most important game of the year? I argued the point once at a VTCA delegates meeting, they said they were committed to keeping the GF format as a 4-day game because it made the competition “unique”, however I asked them if the one day grades played 2 day GF matches, to which they said no. I asked why not, they said because it’s a one day grade. Then said why do we play 4 day games when our comp is predominately a 2 day comp?


Never met any normal person on a cricket comp committee.


Oi…I was on the VTCA executive for a year in the early 90’s.

One year though…the president was a deadset flog who believed that his job was to push up his club(s) - Hampton and Carnegie. The northern guys were pretty decent blokes though.


Problem I have with a 4-day GF is, say after the first weekend the team batting first makes 250 and then rolls the opposition out for 170. Normal course of events, they’ve won the game. But then you’ve got 2 more days to go, it could easily ■■■■ down that week, turn up on the Saturday on a wet wicket, get rolled cheaply and then you end up losing. I don’t think that’s fair at all, not in the biggest game of the season. Just have the 2nd weekend as a contingency if weather has affected the first weekend. As long as 160 overs are played there’s can’t be too many complaints…



Everyone I know who’s done that sort of thing has had a similar experience. Either massively self centred flogs, people doing it to push their club forward, or just outright weirdo creeps.


I was a delegate to Cricket Victoria one year when playing for Melbourne Uni. I was half the age of the next youngest person in the room. They were so out of touch with what the players actually wanted. The scary thing is these delegates actually had a lot of say in how cricket in Victoria was ran - even if it was almost impossible to ask a question or make a point at the meetings.

I swear most of the old blokes there were only delegates for two reasons. One was a pass that came with the role which meant you got access to the MCC all year round including the AFL grand final and the second was the free booze post the delegates meetings.

Fair to say I was happy to end this role after one season.


The weirdo creeps were when I was the VTCA delegate to the CUOV, which I think has been absorbed into Cricket Victoria. Now that was a serious collection of self-centred weirdos. I was just about the youngest and slimmest there. And the worst were our other comp, the then CMCA (now SECA)…two old ■■■■■ who couldn’t understand why the turf clubs didn’t play their best players on the CMCA mats.


did you play for AMP in the CMCA in the 70’s?


We joined the CMCA in 1978, I believe, after the Brighton District CA folded, and we merged with Glenhuntly CC.

I did know guys who played with AMP, but I thought that was the Mercantile comp.

And then the football club formed out of our cricket club merged with AMP football club in 1981.


we knocked off the top team in the last round to hold onto 3rd spot and also relegating them to 2nd spot so its back to Rayner res for us this weekend. our top 1 day side also knocked off a very cocky top side and are now in the big dance after coming from 6th.
also our T20 Womens side are thru to the Grand Final this weekend aswell, so the club is having A successful yr


What was your original club? North Caulfield?


Yep. Glenhuntly had the ground and the position in the (then) VJCA, but no money or players, and we merged. Only a dozen or so of their players hung around after the first season. So many were just hanging on.

Steve Beaumont, Essendon #3 in the 70’s, had played at Glenhuntly a couple of years before the merger. Allegedly, just as dirty on the cricket field as on the football field.


CMCA was the caulfield mercantile comp right or wrong all the initials confuse an aging fart like me


City of Moorabbin


Is mercantile still around??


I think so. Don’t know so though. I think there are a few schools and businesses old boys teams. It used to cover inner Melbourne between Dandy Rd and say the Eastern Fwy, before the Eastern Suburbs CA takes over.


caulfield mercantile in the 70’s was a good comp and good socially. the pub in greville st was where everybody retired to after the game. fawkner park wickets were pretty good for batsmen


Zebs got up.

Gave a good scare, cruising at 2/140 chasing 165. Then lost 5/13, before D Cupido’s glovework turned a half-stumping chance into 4 byes.
NFI why he was keeping in the first place, he’s no good at it.
Gunning for their 4th flag in 2 years after wrapping up the T20 cup a few weeks back.


Great weekend for the club. Last minor round and the 1’s lost narrowly but have had 3rd place stitched up for weeks. The 2’s and 3’s had to win to make finals and both did comfortably. U14’s had the bye and sitting in 4th needed atleast 1 upset to stay in 4th and luck was on their side. The U16’s won the flag today very convincingly. They made 4/220 off their 40 and rolled the opposition for 132. Not bad for a team that barely scrapped in to the finals


Both our 1s and 2s through to Grand Finals after winning their semi finals yesterday. I got dropped to the 2s, not that I didn’t see it coming because my form this year had been pretty ordinary, but I was ■■■■■■ off with the way it was told to me. I was told by the 2s skipper that I was down, not by the 1s captain or the coach. After spending the whole season in that team it really made me angry. Was told the Tuesday night, then when Thursday rolled around they didn’t speak a word to me at training…

Anyway we won the toss and batted on a beautiful pitch that was just slightly soft early on. We lost an early wicket and I came in at 3. Just wanted to establish a good partnership and that’s what we did, put on 87 for the 2nd wicket before I cooked myself taking a sharp single. Thought I’d placed it better than I did, cover cut the angle off well and despite my dive was maybe 6-8 inches short of my ground. Out for 37, frustrating as the bowling was nothing more than military medium and a couple of spinners. We built a good foundation and ended up making 228, all out in the last over of the day.

Yesterday we fielded and it was never in doubt. Despite a slight rain delay we were well on top and rolled them for 128. Never played in a senior GF so I’m absolutely pumped for next week (and the week after, damn 4 day GF. Hope we are done before the Dons play GWS on the Sunday!)