Local Cricket Thread 2018/19



I think I’m 1-4 in semis (but 1-0 in grannies).


all the best hope you make a good score


Are you referring to the Mercantile Cricket comp? If so it’s still going very strong - with heaps of teams. Over the past 10-15 years a lot of the inner city teams that used to play VTCA moved across, Parkville x 2 and South Yarra. They offer one day comps and a mix of 2 days and one dayers, plus Saturday or Sunday cricket only.

Carnegie currently has 4 teams in the MCA and 3 in Southern Bayside comp. There are a lot of players that play both days on the weekend. One great point about the MCA is they nearly always have 2 umpires, right the way down to D grade. The Southern Bayside comp can’t compete on this front.


Yeah, I played 2s Finals the past 2 seasons and we folded like a deck of cards chasing smallish totals, so it’s a big relief to get it done and exorcise those demons. I think we might have the final at our ground despite being the lowest ranked side. Melton Sth share a home ground with Melton Centrals, who will be playing our 1sts in the GF. We have put our hands up to host the game which is likely to be accepted, but who knows whether the association will change their minds…


We only had one paid umpire in our semi final at the weekend, still had to do square leg ourselves. Even our 1s only had 1 ump. A real shortage in the VTCA, mind you the guy we had was very good. No bad decisions and he was a very nice bloke to boot as well.


They day didn’t go to plan but atleast our 1’s and 2’s are alive heading in to tomorrow.
Our thirds play in the LO comp and knocked off the top team today to go into next weekends GF. Only made 9/134 off their 40 but knocked over the opponents for 94.
The 1’s were dismissed in the 75th and final over for 151 on quite a difficult pitch with a slow outfield but can’t see us defending that tomorrow. The 2’s were rolled for 97 after being 0/52. In reply we had the opposition 7/47 at one stage until they steadied to be 7/73 at stumps. An early break through tomorrow will make things interesting


I had a Div 3 semi between 1st Wesley CBC and 4th Allansford. Allansford batted first and were quickly in trouble, and all out 73. Wesley got off to a rollicking start and were 1/49 at scheduled tea…which we skipped. Ran them down in 13 overs.

First time with another umpire, and it was a pretty straightforward day, decision-wise. One direct hit run out which the batsman wasn’t happy with, but was out by a couple of feet.


Fairly disappointing day after it started so well with the U14’s knocking off the undefeated top side to make the GF. They hadn’t made under 180 all year but were rolled for 84 today and we passed it 4 down.
The 2’s couldn’t get the early wicket and were passed 8 down and they were finally dismissed 30 runs in front at which point the game was called. The 1’s had the opposition 3/12 but they only lost 1 more wicket in reeling in our score.
Really disappointing season and one that has forced our hand as a committee to make some serious changes going forward.


After the first 2 days we are in the box seat. Batted first on a belter of a wicket, finished 265 all out. I opened and made 38. Was hard work early but after that initial time I started to hit the ball well but got myself stumped off the leg-spinner just before tea. At stump tonight we have them 7/144. It’s within touching distance…


We had 3 senior teams in the semifinals and all 3 got belted.

The ones made 99 batting first and were passed 2 down on day one.

The 2nds made 195 yesterday and were passed 3 down today

Our 4ths were chasing 160 and were rolled for 50 odd.

Our under 14s won though.


Fourths got reamed in the semi after sitting top all year. Thirds just snuck into finals, won an upset in the semi and lost convincingly in the GF.

Ones got up. Only made 126 last week, but never looked in doubt today and they won by 50 in the end.

4 flags in 2 years - back to back in seniors + T20s.


Chairman of selectors there goes alright I hear.


I stayed home to watch the GWS training drill and so missed out on seeing our thirds claiming their first ever flag in the LO comp. They batted first and made 8/197 off their 40 overs and rolled the opponents for 110. Farcical scenes near the end with rain closing in and the opposition using every trick in the book to stall the game and win by default. Thankfully our openers came back on and took 3 wickets in 9 balls to finish them off. It apparently rained quite heavily during the after game presentations.
Our u14’s captured the flag today also. They were sent into bat and made 9/211 off their 40 overs and came back this morning and knocked over the opposition for 94.
So season now over and we claimed the A4’s, U16’s and U14’s flags after all of them finished 4th and needed results to go their way in the final round just to make it.
Should win a few awards at association level aswell with one of the lads in our u14’s a certainty to win the POTY after making 420 runs and taking 22 wickets from the 8 minor round games. He was only dismissed once for the season from 10 innings and funnily enough that was for 0 in round 1 against our other side. In our comp you have to retire after facing 60 balls but can come back at the end of the innings and in the association there were 8 scores of 60+ in that grade and he made 6 of them. He made 77no in the GF yesterday and then opened the bowling today with 3/1 and took 4 catches


We won!! Polished off the last 3 wickets and had a 95-run lead heading into the 2nd dig. Opened, felt really good but got run out for 17. Unfortunately we collapsed to be all out 132 with them needing 227 to win on the final day. It was tense most of the time in the field but we got the job done and rolled them for 180. My first senior flag, only just got home from the celebrations. Glad I have tomorrow off work!


After the best part of 400 senior club games it’s time to hang up the bat. Unfortunately the CA ruling on compulsory wearing of helmets is now Australia wide across all comps. 4 or 5 others from my club have made the same decision and I’d suspect many thousands around the country will do likewise


So nobody is allowed to bat without a helmet on, at all, even with spin at both ends?


Seems to be?


The worst one for me is anyone fielding within 10m of the bat: that’s slip & gully for spin bowling (and some “medium” pacers like me!)

I’ve played hack grade cricket for 10-12 years and only seen one person hit in the face batting - never against spin. Never anyone keeping or in the field.

God knows how you enforce it. On any given saturday there’s tens of thousands of cricketers playing across thousands of locations. Send out enforcement officers?


That said ‘should not’, not ‘must not’.

In 24 years playing, I got hit in the face once - off a full toss from a leggie which I top-edged, at practice…in very dim light.

I don’t recall anyone getting hit…until the advent of helmets. And usually from top edges or beamers.

Short leg was a different matter…we had a guy who fielded very close, and he copped a few.


The word “recommendation” is used, which by my interpretation does not mean it’s compulsory…


SACA have apparently sent an email out to all clubs and associations in SA to advise that wearing of helmets will be mandatory in all games for batting as required by CA policy.