Local Cricket Thread 2018/19


We had an easy win away at Gellibrand. Without 2 of our best bowlers, we won the toss and sent them in on a green wicket. It played up early, we had them 7/50 before they put on an annoying partnership. The ground had ridiculously small straight boundaries so they went for those and got away with it for a while. We ended up having to chase 148 to win and we got them 2 down with 3 overs to spare. I made 5, given out caught behind down legside when the ball hit my thigh pad. A very disappointing and frustrating decision, but overall we are undefeated and top of the table. Hopefully a big 2nd half of the year!


i can’t believe the nwmca allowed you to play a 1 day game because they had no one available they 2nd week.
must be 1 rule for some teams and another for others.
cause we tried to get the same thing for our 2 x 2 day sides at the start of the season(for this round) because we had 25 players unavailable on dec 22nd due to one our players getting married on that day, but we weren’t allowed to do that. so we had to forfeit both our 1 day sides this weekend, lucky enough our 2nd 2 day side got washed out both weeks so got the 3 points, also Sydenham hillside wouldn’t agree to request of playing a 1 dayer instead ,probably thought with us not having a full side( in the 2nd X1 we were going to have 10 changes from the previous game) they thought they could get an outright, but karma hit them between the eyes and only got 3 points. looking forward to our round 11 clash against them with our full strength side.


Looks like Aberfeldie got in first.

I can tell you the discussion as to what we would do about it.

Some of us (myself included) thought that we should just play a 2 day game…in fact one of the suggestions was a Saturday/Sunday match. But, I think Abers managed to convince the association to allow it. And then we lost anyway.


Can’t field a side, forfeit the points. Only way it’s fair for the other mob, and an appropriate punishment.

Although it only ever really affects 4ths/5th/6ths sides in our comp. not many clubs (a couple of the new ones) with only 2 sides.


First game back after Christmas, out at Flemington. We won the toss and sent them in. They had one guy get away from us with 60-odd. Other than that they were pretty ordinary and we rolled them for 170. Had 14 overs left to face before stumps, we are 1/33 and I’m on 19*. Massive opportunity to make a big score next week. Seen the best of their bowlers and they are nothing special…


We had a one day game yesterday and the opposition rolled up with 8 players. We batted first and made 5/303 off 40 overs. We could have made 450. We would only take singles in the end. I got 20. Hit the ball ok. We then rolled them for 50 in 11 overs. Not much fun but we needed the win.

Our side had 5 life members in it yesterday. Its basically a veterans side. I was the 4th youngest and I’m 42.


2 dayers smashed Pascoe Vale United by more than 100 runs.

1 dayers had a disappointing loss to Avondale Heights after they made 165 we go bowled out for 84.


its been a while since i played but a club just fielded 2 day sides. so now a club needs extra players because you also now field a one day side on a saturday as well?
do players just nominate they only want to play one dayers and is this because some players due to work would not be able to play two dayer.


Some of it is that. At my club we have our first 3 XIs play a mix of 1 and 2 day games (predominantly 2 day games) but our 4s are in a one day comp. With us it’s mainly performance based in terms of selection, but we have a few old boys who wouldn’t be up to 80 overs in the field so they play in the one day grade…


thank you for the answer. i could understand the old guys prefering one dayers being an old coot i understand.
i wish i could of kept playing past my 30’s but no cricket clubs out on the roper river


We have a lot of juniors as well so the 40 over comp is a good one to introduce them to senior cricket as well. In time I think all senior cricket will be one day games. Give it 20-30 years IMO, maybe one you get to subbies and district it will be 2-day but anything under that it wouldn’t surprise me if it went down that path…


Comp down here has 3 divisions. 1s and 2s play a mixture of 2-dayers, one-dayers and T20’s…Thirds play exclusively 40 over one-dayers. Thirds fits in nicely with guys who have work constraints or are here intermittently.

Just before Christmas, they were saying that just one guy had played every game and he had played alongside more than 50 others.

I had them twice in 3 weeks and there were only 2 guys who played both games.


Just me, or have you been not out overnight about 5 times this year?


Nup, first time this season. Had an annoying season to date so hopefully can cash in and make up for the starts I’ve failed to turn into big scores.


We won relatively easily despite having by far the worst of the batting conditions. A very damp pitch made scoring fairly tough, so to bat out the 80 overs (94 in total when you include the 14 we faced last week) and lose just 5 wickets shows that we applied ourselves well. I resumed on 19 from the previous week and felt pretty good despite the odd one leaping off a length. Eventually copped one with my name on it, tried to cut one that stopped on me and ballooned one and was caught at cover for 34. Annoying I didn’t go on with a start. Our skipper got a hundred (batted the whole 80 yesterday) and others batted around him and we finished the day on 5/234. Still undefeated and top of the table.


We had a shocker yesterday. We are 4th and we’re playing 5th. On the same side points. We batted first and ended up 143 off our overs on a big slow ground. I batted ok and ended up with 33. Should have gone on with it. We were probably about 20 short.

We then bowled and fielded terribly. Dropped catches. Bowled off a no ball. Bowlers all over the place. They got them 4 down with 15 overs to spare.

Going to be hard to make the finals now.


Played my first game in a while for the Vets after they were struggling to field a side.

I agreed to play about 20 minutes before the game so was running quite late. Batted at six as a consequence.

Top scored with 29 after a very slow start and then mini collapse by the top order, out slogging in the 2nd last over. They got past us with two wickets and 5 or six overs in hand.

The ground was beautifully grassed but amazingly slow. We needed some big hitters, which has never been my go. I creamed some drives and cut shots that pulled up quickly for two. Their opener came out, swung across the line at everything and peppered the midwicket crowd. That was the difference.

I’m going to be stupidly sore Monday/Tuesday. Knots in both quads. Legs like lead. Oh the joy of this game.


The 1 dayers last week beat Glenroy with 9 balls to spare last week, but, we have today off.

The 2 dayers lost to Aberfeldie St. Johns last week and have a 2 day match against Donnybrook starting today.


Warrnambool District have the day off today.

Probably everyone heads out to Geoff Clark’s joint to give him a bit of a razzing.


Checked with a mate how our sides went today and had 2/3. The thirds lost by 15 runs in the LO comp. Last LO game for our ones and twos, Both won by over 100 runs. Our gun player has missed the last 3 games with a crook back but returned today and hit 180 off 112 balls with 17x 6’s and 12x 4’s including 30 off an over from one of the comps best bowlers. We ended up with 3/292 off 40