Local Cricket Thread 2018/19


It doesn’t get any easier. 36 in a couple of weeks. Fine fielding in the gully but anywhere else I feel like a fish out of water. Got moved to cover and got peppered, then mid-wicket and had a lot of ground to cover. Very sore today!


Yep, I’m 44 but feel 74 at times. I had a strange feeling that something might happen yesterday as I had been up since 3am to go to work and finished at 11:30 which meant a mad dash to the ground and only arrived 10 minutes before the start of play so no decent warm up. To top it off whilst fielding in the covers I copped a ball in the mouth after a wicked deflection from a sprinkler hole and now sport a fat lip. We had a club function last night and I had bar duty so with my fat lip and iced up calf I managed to soldier on until 11pm.


Haha, ever get that feeling it’s just not your day?


I’ll get through this season but to be honest I’m done with 1st XI cricket. It’s probably half a grade too much for my ability anyway, plus the fact I feel like a liability more and more in the field (although not as bad as some others who are younger than me), it’s starting to become a bit of a drag. I average in the 40s playing 2s, much rather drop down a grade and score far more runs than I have at the minute and help some of the kids we have coming through…


Firsts made over 400 with the runs shared. Greenvale faced 6 overs before stumps last night and are already 4/17!

Seconds played Tullamarine. Tulla batted first and made 7/194 from 35 overs.

We made 7/154 off our overs.


The dangers of umpiring the home town team. Had the appointment changed midweek because fourth (Port Fairy) playing fifth (Woodford) had no umpire. Saved me the hour-each-way drive to Nirranda (near Port Campbell).

Port batted first (with 3 of their better footballers playing) and made 6/209 with the town butcher, the footy coach and one of the publicans making 50’s.

Woodford were then 4/14 with their best bats out. One of the footballers bowled a couple of beamers so got the sack. Another bowled a beamer first ball…all seemingly unintentional. They struggled along to 9/129.

Yesterday i fronted up at my usual coffee shop to get assailed by one of the waitresses telling me I’d sent off her boyfriend (only from bowling). Naturally i asked her if she’d spat in my coffee…all good!

I don’t expect to be there again next week. A pity because their arvo teas are sensational. Great party sausage rolls from the butcher shop.


What was the candlestick maker up to?


Does the Bakery provide top quality steaks?


Good butcher shop. Yes, they do.


Getting on my wick.


2 day side had an outright win over Greenvale.

1 day side won over St. Albans by 9 wickets.


Possibly the heaviest defeat I’ve been involved in. Bowled out for 88 chasing 400 on a belter of a pitch. I got yet another start and threw it away, out for 13, skied a pull shot and was caught and bowled. Annoying because I’d played a couple of nice pull shots to the boundary off that bowler so had it in my mind that I’d go after him if he dropped short. Last game before finals next week. We can’t finish any lower than 3rd but a win guarantees us a home semi final so there’s a bit on the line.