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Good luck to you and your team @ScottishBomber.

Thank you :+1:

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When you can let us know how it went @ScottishBomber.

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Early signs are that Koroit won’t continue their seven-flag streak. Well beaten Saturday by Cobden.

South Warrnambool are probably favourites having recruited ex-Melbourne player Dan Nicholson. They beat a much improved Port Fairy by about 10 goals. The team going backwards at a million mph is Portland. They’ve lost the majority of their senior team from last year (probably @OBITV’s fault. Their cricket comp is really struggling too, and wouldn’t want to lose too many players and/or teams to Warrnambool (or Port Fairy).

The locals are suggesting it will be a long year for the Portland Tigers.

I disagree. It should be all over for them by August.

Round 1 sees the mighty Fruitbats down to a strong Sunshine Coast.

Any suggestions to improve kicking distance welcome.

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At least Cobden beating Koroit was the Bombers beating the Saints, although I’m not 100% sure Cobden still wear the Essendon jumper…still red and black though.

Koroit are red, white and black, cricket and football. Straight St Kilda jumpers.

5th out of 15 teams. 3/4 wins in the group and got steamrolled by Berlin which was disappointing. Won the 5/6th place playoff by default after a horror injury to one of the Ulster boys during the match so game was postponed.

Belfast Redback beat West London in the final. Our girls were runners up to Cork Vikings.

Our best finish, hopefully can be back next year if we win the league again this season.


5th out of 15 is pretty good.

Must have been a real horror injury to postpone.

Sound like it was a good time though. Thanks for the report @ScottishBomber.



20th anniversary strip and a bit on the background of the design. Pretty cool!


That’s nice jumper and nice story behind it @ScottishBomber.

Loved the castle in the background of the promo pics.

Oh and, what is the best way to eat Haggis ? Some characters among that lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

See if you can find P G Wodehouse’s short written clip on the haggis.

Sir Bernard Spilsbury was the first man to bring forensic science to Britain.

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Concerning that it took another almighty bake from the coach at half time to get the showboating out of the system but great that they players heeded the warning.
Led 7.6 to 4.5 at half time and then kicked 15.4 to 2.7 in the second half. Sitting undefeated after 4 rounds with wins by 60, 70, 112 and 94 points and still have a couple of poor teams to come

Rained constantly during the A grade but the lads still won by 92 points and sit 5-0 after 6 rounds. Big test this week in the GF replay and whilst nothing will wipe that loss from our memories it would be good to give them a touch up

33 point win at their ground in the GF replay. Margin should’ve been a bit more as we missed some pretty easy set shots. 6-0 though with the two bottom sides to come before the halfway mark. I’d be absolutely shocked if both weren’t 100 point margins

I turned on 3YB on Facebook to watch whatever Hampden League was on, and it was Port Fairy vs Camperdown. To my surprise, the Seagulls won 15.10-5.7. After tying with Cobden last week, they’re really starting to look as if they’re on the way back.

In other HFNL news, Lewis Taylor played his first game back for his hometown club, Terang-Mortlake (he’s a Mortlake boy) after his time with Brisbane and Sydney. What were the judges thinking when he got Rising Star over the Bont?

Wasn’t that the one with the suspicious betting plunge?

Blowing a gale today, best of luck to the teams trying to kick straight today.

Shocking weather down here today but the massive upset brewing as 8th, Port Fairy, go to ladder leaders South Warrnambool and lead 7.7-2.2 at 3/4 time.

A few guys might be having a word to Dan Nicholson whose acrimonious departure splintered the Seagulls.

Lewis Taylor starring for Terang-Mortlake over Camperdown at Mt Leura.

The Portland cricket comp has joined/merged with the Hamilton comp as of next season.