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Strange…when we’d hear that a lot of Portland cricketers didn’t want to travel as far as Dartmoor. There have been a few Tyrendarra guys move to Port Fairy and Koroit to play, and I know a couple of Hamilton College guys are driving down to play at Port this season.

Apparently the federal government is holding back on sports visas this season. Lots of Sri Lankans not allowed to come, and most clubs have a couple. Residents are OK, of course.

Due to some leagues struggling in the SE the SANFL are in the process of merging some comps and creating a Limestone Coast League.
I know for a fact Portland met the SANFL last week for preliminary chats and have expressed interest to join the new comp. Hamilton has also expressed interest but as yet have not formally met the SANFL.

Interesting that Hamilton and Portland would enter discussions to move back to a SA league. Their move to the Hampden League was about trying to draw younger players back from Melbourne/Geelong/Ballarat. It hasn’t been super successful based on results.

My last game of footy was a reserves game in the last ever Hamilton derby before the 2 local sides merged to form the Hamilton Kangaroos. A mate was heavily involved in the Hamilton Magpies, so a group of us drove to help out for the game. The game was 12 years ago now. I was sore for about a week!

Hamilton and Portland currently 9th and 10th on the Hampden ladder. Portland had a massive exodus after being finalists last season.

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Would these be the first non-south-Australian clubs in the south Australian “national” football league?

Only taken 60 years since they added that to the name! :slight_smile:

Well they wouldn’t be in the SANFL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The SANFL basically runs all football in SA and all rules, regulations etc for all country and amateur comps in the state. Any new mergers of leagues and new clubs etc has to go through the SANFL for approval.
A bit of back to the future as a couple of these clubs played in SA many years back


As Ace said, Hamilton and Portland used to play in the Western Border league until 2012. There are a few Victoria clubs already playing in South Australian leagues, including Casterton-Sandford who remain in the Western Border league. There are also many southern NSW teams playing in country Victoria leagues.

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Lopsided games in the Hampden League today

Early in the 3rd, Port Fairy 13.4-Warrnambool 0.6
North Warrnambool 11.5 - Terang Mortlake 4.3
Cobden 73 - Hamilton 21
South Warrnambool 41 - Camperdown 7
Koroit 17.5-Portland 0.1

Geez PF have clicked

Warrnambool ended 1.10-17.8, and apparently that one goal was a big individual effort, scored from the boundary.

Portland rattled home to end at 4.1-26.12

1v4 today at our most hated rivals home ground and for their past players and sponsors day we flogged the hell out of them and won by 168 points. And boy did we let them and their fans no about it with a couple of scuffles breaking out during the day.
We ended up winning 4 of the 5 games today with the A grade and Reserves combined score being 46.33 to 2.8.
Our A’s, Reserves and U13 are all sitting at 10-0 at just over the half way mark

Portland Football Club has announced their decision to stay in the Hampden League rather than join the proposed new league based in Mount Gambier.

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Grandson # 3 played his 100th in the under 14.5s today .Daughter #2 coaches East Fremantle in the grand final of WA AFL Womens starting today at 4.25 pm.


Daughters team won the Grand final by 2 goals… East Fremantle 4,2 Claremont 2,2.


Grandson #4

OOOOOPS. Don’t tell them. Possibly the # 3 where I live.

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There are 5 ,

Local footy . Under 14.5s free kicks 40 to 14 against.
Under 18s, one dislocated shoulder, one broken collar bone both in the first quarter. Same opposition player involved.

Our A grade had a “comfortable” win today, 208-3


One kid kicked 42 of their 44 goals