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Pffft. That’s nothing. A kid on the other team kicked their entire score. :grinning:


literally serves no purpose whatsoever

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Not sure where to put this, so here it is. Never knew umpire Kevin Andrews wrote our song as a 16 yr old. This is a great little story.

Facebook link not working, so here is the link to the website where the episode is viewable. Story starts 39min in.

Local Footy Under 18.5s in 2nd semi against team has won all 18 games this year.
We failed to enter a team first round, second round we lost 140 to 1 point. Their % is 723.4 %
I’m tipping us to win by 3 goals.
REASON All players available from playing Public School football . 9 players on the bench last week. :grinning:

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Hervey Bay Bombers win every Male and mixed division - senior and junior.
Good to see Bombers winning flags😊


Nathan Lovett-Murray is playing for Heywood tomorrow (alongside Leon Davis) in the Preliminary Final versus Coleraine in the South-West Football League.

Natrat has come out of retirement to play for his home town team since about mid-season.

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I picked the right team but got the margin wrong.
9 goal win. Straight to the GF.
Be plenty of unhappy opponents during the next 2 weeks.

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Coleraine defeated Heywood by ten points with ex-Tiger Tyrone Vickery kicking eight goals and will meet reigning premier Cavendish in next week’s Grand Final.

Leon Davis booted seven goals for Heywood and Natrat was named among their best.


Where was it played? There was a Hampden final in Portland, wasn’t there?

I started watching NW Eagles against Terang-Mortlake. TM jumped them but NWE stormed back in the second half. I was watching on FB and NWE jumped 13 points clear with about 4 to play. I turned off, but later saw that TM only lost by a point. They never went past the centreline while i was watching.

I think Koroit are playing Cobden tomorrow St Kilda jumpers against Essendon), and I see that’s in Portland. Today was in Camperdown.

Alexandra Park in Portland was the venue. It’s the home ground of SWFL club Westerns.

Today’s Hampden Final is at Hanlon Park, the home of the Portland Tigers

Koroit, winners of the last seven flags (no finals in 2020 or 2021), have been eliminated by the Cobden Bombers who will now face Terang-Mortlake in the First Semi Final.

Update from last week. One of our players Charged high contact, high impact , etc . 4 weeks with 3 if no appeal. Both Umpires report “player pinned arms and flung him to the ground landing on his head”. Player returned and played out the game.Photos of incident showing what happened rejected by tribunal claimed they had been tampered with. Will show photos after appeal this week.

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what the actual ■■■■ lol

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South Warrnambool gave North Warrnambool a fair touch up to go their first granny since 2011. Today Terang Mortlake beat Cobden by 22 points. So NWE vs TM next week. Lewis Taylor not playing for TM.

So after both going 16-0 with record percentages over the minor round both our U13’s and A grade lost by 1 point in the semi last weekend whilst our Reserves that went 15-1 won by plenty to go straight through to the GF.
Prelim day today and our U13’s won comfortably whilst out A grade were 70 up at half time and put the cue in the rack to win by 80. Score flattered them a bit as we had over 20 more scoring shots.

Bit of a stitch up.

Then not surprisingly tje umpiring in the grand final tracked about 20 free kicks to 3 against the side that appealed.

well that didn’t go well . AFl tribunal { at the same time as maynards case } disregarded the photos as evidence . So 3 week ban .
The grand final yesterday the opposition player that was said to be out for 5 to 6 weeks plays. IT GETS BETTER and his father is one of the umpires. Free kicks 32 to 4.

Uni Blues with Marty Gleeson and Tom Cutler their best 2, well beaten by St Kevs in the Premier VAFA prelim. Mitch Wallis best for St Kevs with 2 goals.

The club that my old footy club, North Caulfield, ended up being part of after a series of amalgamations, Glen Eira, won the Division 1 flag (really 4th division) after being unbeaten most of the season. They got smacked by Oakleigh in the 2nd semi but returned the favour in the granny.

And Fitzroy, playing at Brunswick St, are through to Premier Division after winning the prelim. I think Hal Hunter ended up playing there.

Tom Jok must of been injuried last week, didnt play today

My old mob Strathmore have all three sides - Seniors, Reserves and U18’s - into the Grand Final. Fair effort.

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