Lockdown Watchalong - 1993 Grand Final. Tonight @ 7.45

After watching the early signs of something special in the 1992 reserves GF last Wednesday its time to travel to the same day a year later.

7.45 Wednesday Night.


Tomorrow night folks :slight_smile:

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Tonight :slight_smile:

Nice. I thought I missed the fun and games last week.


Dammit, I’ve got a zoom meeting… how do you call in sick for on line meetings?

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join meeting
turn wifi on and off
“sorry guys, my internet is farked. can you email me the gist of it”


Finally a watch-along for a game I don’t remember the result of.

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Watching with the old ads or without?

Are we including the anthem?

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Not my show to run, and kudos @scotty21 for a great job.

Should have watched the 93 prelim first, mainly because I’ve never seen that game and there would be some hilarious posting in the first half.

There’s two copies on YT. One with the whole build up and one with the toss onwards. The whole build up one is nearly 4 hours and I’ve got work tomorrow :rofl:

@MattPocock18 the 4 hr one has old school ads and full breaks but yeahI have work tomorrow so ■■■■ that

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The 92 ressies GF last week was a great lead in. You could really see something special brewing.

Im really tempted to do the comeback game for that reason.

If we win Sunday, 04 elimination final next Wednesday (if i can find it @theDJR u got it?). If we ■■■■ it up the wall I’ll have to think of something else.

You know the rules. Links been posted we are now in 93 mode.

All posts breaking rules must include a [rule breaker] disclaimer

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Hearing a rumour that Peter Dean will be a late out…

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[rule breaker]

Played a season with Deany up at Bullioh in the Upper Murray Reserves. He’d have been early 50’s at the time, and was still the exact same build. Absolutely great bloke.

Still, Fark Carlton.

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Will be watching.

[Rule Breaker]

Wow didn’t realise FC had 6 players who played in their 87 flag, would have been 7 if Peter Dean played. We took 10 in from 90.

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