London Bridge Attack

Fkn lovely way to wake up. This crap is almost a weekly event now.

Attackers may be still on the loose,… cops with guns and riot gear hunting them…

MULTIPLE people have been killed after a van has mowed down pedestrians in central London before victims were stabbed and shots were fired – amid a second ‘attack’ at nearby Borough Market which armed police are responding to.

Terrified people have fled the London Bridge area while one officer is said to have been “seriously injured” as “multiple” casualties have been confirmed by British Transport Police.

Eye witnesses confirm that several bodies are “strewn on the ground” and people are receiving CPR after being randomly stabbed by “two to three men armed 12 inch long knives.”

A bomb squad has reportedly arrived on the scene.

Multiple people with their throats slashed apparently.

So peaceful.

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We actually need a permanent terrorist attack thread, given how often this garbage keeps happening.


What got me with the last bridge one, & whatever the Melbourne one was… and even moreso now with another ., … is why in blazes they haven’t put some sort of barrier,… - drill a few holes, pile drive a few poles, - in these areas where cars have easy access to pedstrians at speed.

When you stop to think about it, it’s amazing it isn’t a matter of course where ever that situation exists,anywhere in the modern world … even before these deliberate acts.

Yeah I had the same thought, why don’t they put metal poles along the edge to stop cars being able to run into pedestrians?

  1. That’s everywhere.
  2. You’d kill/injure more people than terrorists do via innocent vehicles running into them. Sure, that’s not sexy like terrorism, but spending squillions to get a worse result is dumb.
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How does a metal barrier along the side of the road between the road and the pavement cost lives? You would have to be a pretty poor driver to hit one.

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How many more people need to die before something is done.

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You know how they talk about the good ‘ol “one in a million chance”?

That means about 5 times a year on London Bridge (which is actually a bad example now, given more people cycle over it during peaks than those who drive).

(For the purpose of this exercise, I didn’t include the cyclists.)

Like what?

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Acknowledge that Islam plays a major role in this ■■■■ for starters. Acknowledge that “thoughts and prayers” do ■■■■ all and take actual measures to end this.


People do acknowledge that certain elements of Islam is responsible though. What would you do about it though that’s the bit I don’t understand?

3 serious incidents: London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall.

More than one person has died.

But the problem is you can’t acknowledge that without someone calling you a “bigot” “racist” or “islamaphobe”.

I honestly don’t know what needs to be done. But it isn’t just sending thoughts an prayers and carrying on as normal.

Is this even confirmed to be a terrorist attack yet?

In my humble opinion I think it is reasonable to say salafi jihadism is incompatible with civilised society and needs to be eradicated.


You just want to rail and rage - and fair enough - these things are horrible and rightly generate anger and despair. But do spend a little time thinking of possible solutions - sane ones. It helps.

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It has now apparently

Hmmm … talking to yourself on the interwebs is not a good look IT. :wink:

mad I am lol

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