Looking for Advice

I am going through an oddly similar experience. Maybe one day I will go into details here, because there are some differences but here’s my approach to this sort of thing fwiw.

When my ex and I realised that we were going to no be together, we made an agreement that we would not introduce our kids to any new partner until that relationship was at least one year old.

We also acknowledged that teh rainbows and fireworks you feel in the first 9 weeks of anyone new will mean that we’re desperate to introduce our kids to our new significant other, but we must understand that and resist that temptation. Because… Most relationships have that phase, and most of them end within 10 months.

And it’s much better for the kids to see their parents just as their parent, for them and with them for as much time as possible after parents split. Most parents also agree that it’s really really ■■■■ for kids to develop a bond with someone only to have that person disappear from their lives altogether. We both also agreed that we didn’t want our kids to know we were serial daters, because it’s not the example we want to give our kids, or how we want them to think of us.

I am sorry I came here so loate. I don’t check in here so much since the saga. I hope you find your path to happiness.

PS: If you pm me your number I will ring you. I have a great ear and a sensible mind. Maybe a chat with a virtual stranger in a similar position might help you sort some things out.


You and your ex must be very calm and analytical people.

Your advice is sound, though many would find it hard to put into practice. Interested to hear it works out like you plan, good luck.

I am a very calm and analytical person. I am also generous caring and kind.

Up until I ran out of money, she was always very happy to be the benefactor of my generosity and never had any reason to disagree with what I said was the best thing.

She does stlil see the sense in what I say most of the time, and in this I think she’s going to take my suggestion.

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