Looking for some old Bombers games

I’m new here and I hope this is ok to post in this forum. I’ve already tried posting it on BigFooty without much luck.

I’m looking for full match replays of some old Essendon games. I’ve been able to find some of the ones I was looking for but still after some more. If anyone knows where to find one or all of them I’d be very grateful!

-Rd 14 2008, Ess vs Freo
-Rd 4 2007, Ess vs StK
-Rd 16 2005, Ess vs Coll
-Rd 10 2005, Ess vs WB
-Rd 8 2005, Ess vs Freo
-Rd 3 2005, Ess vs Haw

I have quite an extensive collection of Essendon games already, so if anyone has copies of any of these matches I’d be more than happy to arrange some sort of trade. And I’m interested in many pre-2005 games other than these, but best to start with a small list. If anyone can help, please reply to the thread or send me a PM. Thanks!

@koala possibly, may have something?

All of mine are in storage unfortunately!

At a quick glance I have the dogs and hawks games. They are both sd mpeg files.

@Robin_Close what’s the quality like? I’d be very interested in acquiring them if you can help! :smiley:

They are 576I SD recorded off free to air tv. Quality is quite good. Drop me a pm if you want them.

I’ve got some old games will take a look.

Round 20 2004 vs Coll
Round 12 2008 vs WCE
Round 8 2010 vs StK
GFs 65, 84, 85, 93, 2000

You can have any or all of the first three gratis.
The GFs you probably have but would be welcome to make a copy.

@Humbert_Humbert thanks for the reply! I actually already have all those games, but appreciate you getting in touch. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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No worries. I’ll let you know if I find more. I used to live in NYC back in 1999-2001 and got VHS tapes of various games mailed to me. Only when we won of course, which was nearly every week! Will hunt around.


Just gonna bump this up in case anyone else can help :slight_smile:

Mate I have the 84/85/93 premierships on VHS if you would like them - all in perfect nick!

Thanks @Double_RR but I already have all the Grand Finals, always great fun to watch! Especially 84 and 93 haha!

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Can you post a link for the '65? I’d really love the '62, many old blokes say our best day out, but '84 and '93 are hard to beat for the endeavour factor

These tapes are available to any Blitzer that would like to watch past glories!

Would love to see the Qualifying final in 1999 against Sydney… just the first quarter and a half… Mercuri BOG. Never seen it, but remember listening on the radio and have never heard such praise for any performance in so little game time.


@BlueySheltn I won’t post a link on a public page, but shoot me a PM sometime and we may be able to arrange something…


Still looking if anyone can help…

I’ve got the 2006 Round 19 game in mp4. Will PM a link.