Lou Richards pulls the pin


I for one welcome our chemist warehouse windy bet356 hill


Watching the brawl in the 1985 GF, when Lou says "Hawthorn aren't going to put up with this rubbish", I thought "nice, now when were Hawthorn ever in a fight they didn't start".

One of the guys at our cricket club worked with Steve Malaxos, then of Hawthorn, who told us days before which Essendon players Yabbie had ordered his band of hypocritical thugs to target early.

Never saw many Hawthorn players carted off on stretchers against us.


Stavros was a very good player.


Never really showed it for Hawthorn. Was good for WCE.



I've just heard that Lou is getting a State Funeral. If that's correct, it's guaranteed that Lou will be officially upgraded to AFL legend. Whatever stopped the AFL rewarding his massive contribution to the selling of the sport (on top of 250 games) will now be washed away by frauds further up the tree recognising that Lou "sold" the game better than anyone.

P_ricks like Fitzpatrick would hate to think that the AFL is just a provincial football code that expanded its popularity because of lowbrow, amateurish television shows spouting iconic/cringing nicknames and silly cliches. (A Rhodes scholar would recoil at "Galloping Gasometer" .... but I'd love to hear him defend Brian Taylor's idiocy).

Times change. Bob, Jack and Lou's antics don't translate well. But they weren't meant to be "time capsule"-fare.

I never really liked Lou Richards. I thought he was self-centred, unfunny and a mediocre commentator. But I can't understand how anyone making a living from the AFL industry - including the current pretentious hierarchy - won't admit that they owe a HUGE debt to him.

It's the modern world; success is marketing and Lou sold the game better than anyone.


Well, my best memories are Sunday mornings eating breakfast in pj's watching world of sport. Uniquely Australian tv- like a sportsman's night in your living room. Lou was an integral part of that- along with the characters like Uncle Doug ("Trusty, your great mate WOOF....woof woof woof, woof woof!!"), Jack Dyer, Ted Whitten et al. We won't see one like him again.


Actually was a much better program than those on t.v. now. Good on you Lou.


Don't you mean Rex "This is Dizzy Stuff Folks!" Hunt?




Loved League Teams with Jack dyer playing the straight man to Lou and Bobby Davis, with a recipe from Edna thrown in. They weren't just good callers of the game itself, but lovers of the game. RIP, you are a true legend of the game, even if that status has more to do with what he achieved off the field, he was still by all accounts a decent player as well.


THe clip I saw of him last night telling Mark Johnson to ■■■■ off on the handball segment was pretty funny


Anyone heading to the city for Lou's farewell?


My mate who is 93 years old, reckons louie was the king of ankle tappers lol


■■■■ knows how old you are ferret, maybe 60 same as me with the 56, but i know i'd love to have a mate thats 93. Especially having a beer and a yarn with him.


He is a good bloke and full of great stories, he used to own a TAB in Melbourne