Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Honest review of Essendon v Bulldogs

Ok here it is folks. The Honest Review of Essendon v Bulldogs Round 3 from 2 fans point of view


Questions about player development cuts too deep.

Well you have to be honest on how you are seeing things

I agree whole heartedly. But instead of players like Walla and green. I’d be looking at myers to make way for youth. There some other first team players namely in the midfield that are sevetely underwhelming.

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Yeh that’s a fair call. I agree to some extent. I would think changes are coming this week. Just hope its not a kid

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Good work Boys…

Agree on send Stringer forward, and burst mid…Judd even said same on Footy Classified last night…hes not fit enough.
Bring in Clarke as an inside Mid, who is also a pretty good runner, and also had 10 tackles on the wekend.

Langford and Parish are interesting as well…Parish was well down. and if Langford put in that game he would be dropped, would be interesting to see if Parish dropped.

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Thanks Houli.

Too much common sense for me.

I’m too used to more if the same.

Was very hard to do common sense this week!!!

I’d like to see us go on the front foot from the first bounce.

Even if it means having Stringer go straight to Full forward. Hooker goes to the backline. Even if it’s just for a quarter.

I desperately want to see the opposition defenders completely confused about who is their direct opponent at the first bounce. Because they haven’t prepared for player-X playing in the forwardline.

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Adding to that i would like Goddard to be in the midfield to help out

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Andy must surely go back now that Conor out. Think Ambrose will be a good in also once fit. Maybe Walla rotating wing and HB. Hooker back to quicken up the forward line. But most importantly just more effort all around. That was on par with the St Kilda game a year or two back for effort. Boys just looked flat and nonchalant out there

yes I think Andy back in defense makes sense but there is also an oppurtunity for Walla to go back as well and find the footy a bit. Hope we can make some smart decisions from McKenna being now out to benefit and progress the team

Great job guys, you covered a lot of really pertinent questions. I have heard from my own sources inside the club there are a lot of question marks about our assistant coaches and development team and it’s really concerning. We haven’t had a list this talented since 2000 and we desperately need to find a way to harness it otherwise we will remain in mediocrity for another 10 years.

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makes you wonder why diesel left? ad odds with the mediocre box?

I think diesel was a bit of a dinosaur as well. Not concerned about him leaving. I think getting some assistant coaches from external clubs the players actually respect would be a good starting point.

I remember something about him doing wonders for darcy’s midfield craft in his first season.

Great Podcast guys. You talk a lot of good sense, if only the club would listen.

cheers mate