Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Swans Loss review with Ronny Lerner

Here It Is!!!. Ronny Lerner joins us for the whole Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast to discuss Essendon FC loss to the Swans.

Shaking Post Gate

Heppell Smile

Club Response to AFL

Young Players Development

It’s all covered with complete honesty as you would expect


I really enjoyed this episode.

A really honest review of what is going on. It’s always therapeutic listening to other people vent similar frustrations.

Keep up the great work.

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Fantastic episode

One of your best :+1::+1:

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Cheers chef.

Ring me one time, il give you honesty

Liked it though


About ten minutes in… Ronnie Lerner throwing punches!

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This was great - keep up the good work lads


Interesting that Ronny thinks that if both Myers and Zaharakis continue this output, they will be under the gun at the end of the season.

Totally agree that they should be.
But I honestly can’t see the club making a tough stand like this.

I love the passion from Ronny and the hosts Grant and Scotty. I think all of us fans are thinking very similarly. Whoosha’s gotta be in the firing line. Senior players need to be held accountable. It is a disgrace with a list that we have we are playing like this. We are very soft indeed.


I actually look forward to this podcast more after a loss.

  • probably to get your emotions/passion plus level headed discussion
  • critically analyses why we lost
  • review of critical umpire decisions
  • review of coaching performance and structures
  • Review of players

I guess I as am happy after a win, and dont reflect on the game as much, only the goal highlights lol.
Still enjoy the podcasts.


I think Zaharakis struggles playing injured. should have been manged better after leg infection.
Myers is cooked


Thanks guys and a special thanks to Ronny… I am really liking his contribution to the cast.
Loved that you addressed issues that have been worrying me for a long time re the softness that has infiltrated the club.
Concur with Grant when he said that he was looking forward to this season more than he has for a long time. Me too. There were so many young player that I couldn’t wait to see take their game to the next level… I had high hopes.


I agree actually. Zaka needs to be in perfect condition. He had a great 3 week period but again has gone silent

Interesting the smacking that Ronny gives the club not just the team. I wonder how long until we start to see this sort of critique in the msm? FC game maybe?


Nice job. good to hear some like-minded opinions and questions. i’m tired of my wife laughing every time I insist that Essendon is actually a good team now…she starts laughing and it doesn’t end

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Why Doesn’t Timmy Watson just become Chairman -
he has similar media airwarves that Eddie does.
Or would that directly impact his role in the media?..i.e would afl ostracise him
We know he had his hand in getting Bomber and Hirdy back. And indirectly pulls strings there.

How on the money is Ronny? Hear, hear brother.


Refreshing to hear a journo speak so passionately. Good interview boys.