Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Chip Le Grand

‪Our biggest Podcast!! Here it is‬
‪We have an in-depth interview with Chip Le Grand on recent comments by Mike Fitzpatrick. This is a must listen folks!!


Link should be good now


its working for me. 23min in

Sounds like we need another 50 hours with Chip.
I was surprised at him saying he think we were administered TB4. I don’t think I have heard him say that before.
He is spot on with saying though that there is no way CAS can prove they all took TB4, and that none of this was compliant with Aus law.
This should have been challenged by the club, and to be fair the AFLPA should have backed them. This is exactly why I am furious at the club. Get our 2m back, no Jobe Brownlow loss and a FK you to the AFL.
PS. Harcourt and clothier are absokute fkn pieces of ■■■■.


You forgot Sarah.

He said it in the book.

Purely based on Dank in that famous McKenzie article.

We debated bringing it up but no one really knows who Sarah is so it felt like a question with no answer.

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but that’s an answer in itself.

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In the book he also refers to the AFP who first investigated the case, who believed that TB4 probably had been administered, that the evidence for it would never stand up in an Australian court, and that there wasnt a strong ethical case for pursuing and penalising players who were doped without their consent.

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So maybe the simple question is why didn’t the club force AFL, ASADA and the australian gov to apply Australian law?

Thank you And I didn’t realiee, I haven’t read the book purely as I read so much during that period and needed a break. Also I get really fkn mad hearing about some of this stuff and probably would have grown the book out a window.

Understand, I’m sure it gets more play on blitz than anywhere.
Side note, good pod cast. Enjoying the banter, how do you get it on one of those podcast apps and not sound cloud?

let it die lads. Please.

good riddance to the ■■■■■■■ saga

no winners

Great job

Great Podcast again lads

Unsure what people are complaining about sound wise…was on point today.

Put this up against the Windsock hahaha

We have a channel on ITunes as well. Just search for Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast in ITunes and you will see all our shows. Subscribe and it will automatically send the show to you

Chip did sound a bit quiet than normal on the right side of my headphone so I will check that setting.

Cheers for all the comments guys. Response to this one has been huge.

what comments did fitzpatrick make?

I haven’t watched it yet, but I believe it’s about half way thru…