Mad Monday Pics

Just some pics of the boys in their mad Monday get ups.


is that the Union Hotel in Ascot Vale?

Dafuq is coner drinking from a ladies glass!?

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He’s holding hands with Smack and you’re worried about what glass he is drinking beer out of??


So you’re saying a ladies glass in one hand and a longneck in the other?


Slow news day?

Should Essendon have cancelled Mad Monday after elimination final loss to Sydney?
Herald Sun

SHOULD Essendon have cancelled Mad Monday and forced players to watch the heavy elimination final loss to Sydney, instead?

Former Essendon greats Matthew Lloyd last night said he would have “cancelled” Mad Monday and today Tim Watson backed the Bombers’ goalkicking great.

And Watson has first-hand experience, revealing super coach Kevin Sheedy cancelled Mad Monday after the 1983 Grand Final loss to Hawthorn.

“We lost by a record margin (83 points) at the time to Hawthorn,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

“We had to go to the rooms on the Monday — the Andrew Peacock Room — where we used to watch the videotape, on a reel it was back in the day, and we had to sit there and watch the game, the entire game.

“And that was on play, rewind, play, it took about six and a half hours to watch the game and then we weren’t allowed to forget it for the rest of the (preseason) — that set the tone for the next season.”

History shows it worked, the Bombers turning the tables on Hawthorn to win the 1984 premiership.


Articles on tv shows are truly perplexing.


If only they had put in as much effort on saturday as they did on their costumes


You call that holding hands?

What a load of crap.

“and then we had to walk through the snow in nothing but socks for 5,000 ks back in my day”


Needs to be repeated. Well done.

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“Then after we were forced to watch that, we went on a 5 day bender full of booze smokes and women”

Different methods, different times.


I thought they did that after every game, win or lose?


That kind of stuff may have worked in Tim’s time in the game, and probably Lloydy’s too, but would it now? David Koch saying what he did after Port’s loss didn’t go down well with the players there, maybe there is an element of HTFU about it but I just don’t think this generation of footballers would respond perhaps as the boys who played in the '83 GF or the guys that were part of the '99 PF that acted as a spur for the year 2000.

Maybe, maybe not. Worth a try and see who is prepared to handle a bit of tough love

In 99 they cancelled mad Monday and the end of season trip. As much as Saturday sucked, it had nothing on 1999.

And while I am normally all for getting these players back asap and ■■■■ having fun, I would rather them come back in 4 weeks refreshed and determined to improve on 2017 and hopefully meeting Kelly and Stringer at the HPC


I was also under the impression that all of that cancelling was player driven not specifically the coaches throwing a tanty?

Also pretty sure the 99 team didn’t have that season on the back of a 4 year drug saga, suspended players, sacked coaches and record fines for the club.


back on topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Dys wins. That’s an outstanding effort.


Walla dressed as a nun a’la Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act is right up there. Goddard as Gargamel and Belly/Hooksey as smurfs was a good group effort!

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Oh man does anyone have a pic of Tippa as Whoopi Goldberg. I’m laughing at just the thought of it!