Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least

Anyone else heard the rumour that an AFL player has fallen from the Bolte Bridge?? Apparently has survived.

Majak Daw

Fkn what? How do you fall off the Bolte? Did his car come off?

How indeed…

Was it North’s high altitude camp?


They aren’t saying what happened

Suicide attempt?


If you jump/fall off the Bolte Bridge and survive you should buy a lotto ticket

Suicide attempt or pushed seem to be the likely scenarios. Either way, it’s a tragic situation.


Oh heartbreak.

Maj is such a happy friendly guy usually, met him numerous times and I know his partner well.

Thank fark he’s ok outside of some minor injuries really compared to what could have been


Broke his hip. Has to be suicide…there isn’t a walk way…

Wasn’t the Vic government going to install anti-suicide barriers on the bridge recently?

Various reports have said that a car stopped on the bridge before a man got out and jumped so it’s no accident.
Very lucky to have survived

I maybe wrong but think they were for the Westgate Bridge.

Terrible for him, hope he gets all the help he requires.

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they’re there. He would’ve had to have climbed them.

Met Maj a few times. Ripping bloke. Just spoke with one of his very best friends and old footy coaches who’s in shock and struggling at the moment so wont go into details. Very sad.


Really feel for him if that’s what’s happened.

You never know what personal demons people have.