Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


Yep very sad. Hope he makes a recovery (mentally)


This is very distressing for all involved with him.

Surviving a suicide attempt with a broken hip and now having to face his family and loved ones - he will be in the biggest world of emotional and physical pain right now.


Hope he bounces back.
Theres more to life than footy.
Better to give it away and get his mental health right.
The hardest part is asking for help.
Hopefully he gets the help he needs now.


From what I know the Bolte isn’t really high enough to kill you in most situations


Hope he is ok and his family and friends get around him.


Its the mud and silt that makes it quite dangerous.


Please, please tell me that selection of words was accidental…


A lot of lotto.

Hope he makes a quick, successful and full recovery.


What a ■■■■ story to get to work and read first thing. Hope it’s all up from here for him, his work as an ambassador for Sudanese youth has been fantastic (and a legacy that will go well beyond his playing career).


If there was ever any doubt about it, some of the commentary on this terrible story absolutely confirms what farking troglodytes there are on social media and that, for everything good about the internet, there is plenty that is abhorrent about it…

(talking less about Blitz and more about social media at large…)


Imagine what this bloke was going through? Fan favourite. And not just with North supporters. At least he’s in a network that will give him all the support he needs.


Fark, hope he’s ok, gets the help he needs and gets through this and into a better place.
Really goes to show how you can seemlingly look invincible on the outside but in an incredibly vulnerable place internally.


Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, mental and physical.


Poor ■■■■■■■. You’d have to be in a pretty horrible place to do something like that.


Sheesh, just terrible. Hope he get back ok, mentally especially.


The net is a farking sewer.


Apparently he landed in the water, not actually “near” Lorimer Street.


Really poor form here with some of the ‘jokes’

If this was intentional that’s absolutely horrible for him, his family and friends. Hope he gets a lot of support moving forward


So sad to hear this news. Lovely to read all the very caring and thoughtful posts from Blitzers. Agree with you all & hope Majak can find the help and support he needs.



Hopefully makes a full recovery in every way.