Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


Majak is a wonderful young man from all indications.
He has become somewhat of a spokesman and ambassador for Sudanese. In fact he would have been one of the first to try and make sense of some of the issues facing young men from his country.
Which wouldn’t have been easy for a man in his 20s.
Only recently have other Sudanese spokespeople emerged when the media want a quote.

I’m sure Majak has used his profile to help many. It’s time for others to get around him and already on social media it seems to be happening.


Hope he can recover both physically and mentally.

I don’t know the details of Majak’s personal situation, and don’t want to speculate, But in general it is sad that there are so many AFL players who seem to be struggling with mental illness (and so many Aussies generally). So much stress in our society.


Very sad.




Can confirm socially he is a good guy and has a lot to offer this world of ours.


Terrible news, I hope he is has a solid recovery from the injury, but more importantly, gets the help he so desperately needs.


As a post above put it, it is hard to understand or appreciate someone’s personal trials and tribulations. Hope he recovers fully (both mentally and physically)…


Well that’s pretty shocking. What a horrible thing.
Wish you well, Majak. Thousands of people look at what you’ve done in footy in admiration, and look up to you.
Hope that this is a turning point in your life, which you’ll one day look back on and see how different life is and how far ahead you’ve come.


I thought news papers were not allowed to describe these types of incidents as suicide attempts due to the likelihood of copycats shortly after?


Self regulated policy.


I haven’t seen one describe it as suicide. They’ve actually described it as a fall but put the lifeline details at the end of the article. That’s fair IMO


I’ve only seen it described as as a fall or an incident. So far i think the media has been pretty respectful. Hopefully that lasts.


Yep , not meant in a bad way, it still surprises me how on paper person x can on paper almost have it all, or what so many would love 5o have , but mental health issues have no limitations or boundaries on who it attacks.

I hope he can overcome this and recover


Yeah I’ve noticed they never say suicide in these circumstances but always put the lifeline number at the bottom.
Which I think is the right thing to do.


At work there’s resigned or “resigned”.
So did he fall or “fall”.



Media are always reluctant to report details of suicide, especially before all the fact are known, they fear copycats, which is the sad reality of reporting on or about suicide. It’s one area were the news media is half decent.


Hip and pelvic injuries. Poor bugger. It will be hard to play footy after that. Mental illness is a nasty ■■■■■■


So sad


Terrible news, hope he makes a swift recovery the poor bugger. If he never plays again but is a happy man than its a life worth lived.