Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


According to ABC, steel and aluminium exports to US were worth around $545m, not to be sniffed at ( although the US only accounts for 0.8% of steel exports and 1.5% of aluminium exports).
I have not seen any estimates of the potential impact on our raw material exports to China, or of the trade diversionary effects if Brazil and China have to chase alternative markets.
It is also unclear whether the tariffs will extend to products containing steel and aluminium.


If we are not impacted by tariffs, we effectively become a far cheaper source of steel and aluminium than other countries. By not being included, we have the opportunity to greatly expand our exports to the US. Decent outcome.


That’s good then. I have a spare room. I’m going to start up a steel mill in it. Heaven knows I could do with the extra cash.


May not happen. Canada ( largest supplier) and Mexico ( fourth largest supplier) of the metals to US, have secured exemptions and a few others lining up under “ allies” type exceptions.
There is global over-capacity and this type of action would not be much of an inducement to invest in longer term export capacity. There is too much uncertainty.


Insert exemptions for everyone Oprah gif


Most people would agree with him.


I guess I’m not most people.


Good call, sell a gram of weed and DEATH!


Will drastically cut the cost of running prisons.


An obvious way for drug dealers to escape the death penalty is to sell assault rifles - all right wing pollies think that is cool - and give away free drugs as a special bonus.

What could go wrong?


My 6yo daughter had an “active shooter drill” at school today. As she is in kinder her teachers called it a “bad person in our school” drill. She (and her classmates) were asked to hide in their lockers.

It’s killing me just typing the above.

My wife (she is European so did not grow up with anything like this) was volunteering at the school and called me in tears having seen each of these innocent little kids being told to huddle in a tiny locker.

Given the political changes in the US we have been actively talking about making a move overseas in the next few years. We are now hoping to accelerate that. My company has a decent sized office in Sydney so we are going to try for that and see if it can happen.

You know, you think about all the places in the world and how fortunate we are to be able to live in San Francisco (as opposed to Yemen or Syria or other places suffering under war). But when it comes to seeing your child have to go through something no child should it does make one question our society.


You make it seem like ‘active shooters’ weren’t a thing before Trump.

Personally I think it’s pretty stupid of the school to do drills such as the one you have described.

  1. Kids will not remember what to do unless they do the drill over and over again.
  2. It scares the crap out of them.
  3. Active shooters don’t tend to follow a script meaning any drill is essentially worthless.


He doesn’t mention Trump at all.


That’s so screwed DM.

Feel for you mate.

I walk in and out of schools for my work and never consider seeing or feeling anything like what you’ve described.




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


You are such an uncaring arsehat. DonMania has described a very upsetting experience for him, his Wife and his kid, and all you want to do is defend Trump.

I did not see DonMania mentioned Trump at all in his post, and you need to actually think about others a bit more.

Go and read some of the posts in the Mental Health thread and understand that life is not so easy for some, and perhaps grow a brain.


DM mentioned the political climate. Given his known hostility to anything Trump then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what he meant by ‘political climate’

And stop with this feelings rubbish. If you want to have a debate or discussion then the likelihood is someone’s feelings are going to be hurt. Sure what happened would be upsetting for him as it would be for most people. I am not disputing that.

However does that mean I can’t be critical of the processes the school went through because someone’s feelings might be hurt?
That’s just juvenile.
Maybe each poster should have a note under their avatar stating "please don’t say anything that might trigger me’. Just so we all know what is and isn’t appropriate for everyone.


Empathy is understanding someone’s feelings. It is not about sharing someone’s feelings. By that definition we should share Ivan Milat or Martin Bryant’s feelings.


Listen Trip, DonMania shared with us his feelings about what happened at his kids school. He made no mention of “political climate”, and even if he did, why do you have to involve farking Trump in everything.

And now you are trying to equate DonMania with psychotic killers. What the fark is wrong with you ?


I think this feels appropriate given my uber-controversial use of “political changes” (not “climate”)

combine (two or more texts, ideas, etc.) into one.