Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Thanks, mate. Fingers crossed we have options to soon have my daughter grow up in a different environment. That alone is good fortune.


You actually posted “Given the political changes in the US”. And you do not have to justify anything.

Stay safe Mate.


■■■■■■ hell - did you always misread your constituents like this?
Only an idiot would think I was trying to equate DM with psychotic killers.

I genuinely don’t think you are an idiot - rather you are using one of the standard Leftists tactics of debate. The old "so what you are really saying is’ line of argument and then proceed to put your thought processes into my words.


Political changes/political climate - we all know he meant the same thing.

I’m also curious as to why all of a sudden these drills have come into vogue now and not whilst Obama was President.

Personally, I think its remarkably stupid for an educator to be deploying these drills to young children for all the reasons I mentioned before. Maybe people should save their anger for them.


And claim to be the Victim in 3…2…1


I thought the point being made was (sic) “if my kids kinda has to do drills to cope with shooter then things here have devolved to the point where it’s too scary for me to live here”. I personally did not take the comment to refer to Trump directly. More as per the Castle “it’s the vibe”.

What is disappointing to me is that all the commentary is coming from talking heads or people who have vested interests (victims or NRA advocates) I don’t think I have seen any commentary from law enforcement, crime experts, tactical experts. They really need have whatever their version of a Royal Commission is. What would be sad and somewhat prove DM’s point of the political vibe was if forces conspired to prevent such a thing from happening.


The very definition of empathy is to be able to communicate a feeling.



Do you think it’s just possible a 6yo might not have been going to school prior to Trump making America great again, and hence there was no opportunity for DonMania to complain during the merciless reign of Obama?

(He did actually comment prior to 2017 on the farked-up-ness of America.)

Anyway… deflect deflect deflect.


If my kids school did a drill like that, then I would not be happy at all.
Let them be kids FFS.


im susprised theres so much angst around a school taking reasonable precautions to ensure that in the event of an active shooter, the kids know what to do.


■■■■ you’re a ■■■■


You two rascals!! Always on point, just the wrong one.


For a 6yo the information would be in one ear and out the other. Drills like that serve no purpose other than to scare them. Kids are taught to listen to their teacher. Thats the only drill they need to remember.


And here comes the abuse.


Emergency fire drills and the like are one thing, but putting kids into fear of the bogeyman is another. It is not about having an emergency plan, living in a climate of fear does not do a lot for a child’s sense of security.


Hitler deserved it too.


but how is it putting the kids in fear of the bogeyman… that implies that school shooters aren’t actually real and therefore shouldn’t be feared?


I had active shooter training at work recently. It was largely because I work in Australia for an American company and they are targeted worldwide. It was confronting to say the least.

Things like don’t help your friends because that will help the shooter find you. Turn off vibrate on your phone, because that will help the shooter find you. Barricade your office and turn off the lights and don’t talk or make noise. If the shooter finds you, try to kill them and don’t hold back as that’s your only chance to survive.

I’m an adult and that was a pretty crappy thing to sit through, but it’s unlikely in Australia. For a child to sit through that, and for the risk to be real, that’s heavy.




An unbiased take on the effects of such drills on children: