Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I know it’s a giant waste of my time, but I’ll respond one last time.

Your political opinions, while certainly in the minority on this board, are not the reason you were suspended. Nor were they the reason you were banned. Nor will they be the reason you will seemingly inevitably be banned again.

It’s not what you’re saying, it’s how you’re saying it.


Pipe down Nazi lover


When ever I notice 100 new posts in this thread it’s usually one of two possibles

  1. Another highschool shooting
  2. Tripper is posting again



You know as well as I do that there are certain posters who freely abuse myself and others with absolute immunity. I am generally respectful and have never told anyone to ‘f**k off’ amongst other such delightful messages on this forum. Yet, others are given carte-blanche to do whatever they want.

Its a pattern of behaviour that comes about to show others what will happen to them if they dare happen to disagree. It’s time people stood up to these bullies.


@Mendozaaaa drink


“Leave us the fk out of this!”


I was impressed Tripper’s first (?) post back was a footy one (in the votes thread). Took quite some days to get here…


Still waiting.
What false accusations?


A song on my album is inspired by tripper, so he was good for something


Still needed.


High thirties to low forties is still a rise.
Obviously proclaiming his popularity on that is really ■■■■■■■ stupid, though.


Didn’t he complain for years about polls and their reliability.


I’m sure has Trump at 123% approval.


Fox has him at 44.
I’m surprised it hasn’t got him at 70, but there you go.



  • Better training
  • stop discriminatory practices
  • Higher standards for when police can use deadly force
  • higher penalties for police who kill innocents
  • less militarisation of police
  • legalise and regulate the drug trade
  • much tougher restrictions on gun sales, limited gun types, tight licenses and stricter controls on gun manufacturing


What lessons have we learnt from history when we now (rightly) adore this:

But deny the legitimacy of this:

There has to be a special level of privilege for one to not see the hypocrisy.


Add - he is the voice of the common man and has been elected their speaker.


You are the only person here who sees the world in absolute - left or right. The rest of us see shades and variances.

When you comment about the ordinary person it would be good to back it up with polling data to support your contention or otherwise preface your comment with “I think…”


As a countering footnote to this Ryan today supported Trey Gowdy, the Republican House Intelligence Commitee member who led the charge against Hillary re:Benghazi, in his declaration that Trump’s claims of FBI spying were incorrect, and that the FBI had acted how you would want them to act having received the information they received.

That leaves only Devin Nunes, out of the 5 Republicans to have received a briefing, that hasn’t supported a similar position to Gowdy.


Nonsense. If anything, I am the rarity in being able to understand why people vote for either side.

Most of the posters on here live in a bubble where it’s simply unthinkable to them that Trump won the election and was voted in by a huge number of Americans.

They just cannot understand it and persist in these ridiculous conspiracy theories to explain away their bewilderment.