Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


HUGE number of Americans. Like, bigly. Almost a majority, in fact.


Lost the popular vote by a bigger margin than any other US president in history, … but sure, Huuuuuge!!


Did he lose it by more than Bush 2000?


Can you point to the posts where people solely blame foreign interference for his win?


Bush lost popular vote by 543,000, Trump by 2,864,000. This even after you take into account all the dirty tricks the Republicans are alleged to have played to rig the vote, like tampering with voting machines, disenfranchising and denying access to voting by changing identity laws etc etc. Doesn’t even begin to touch on what foreign influences may or may not have achieved.


Only about 5 times more …

Donald Trump becomes US President after losing popular election to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes
Jon Sharman
11-13 minutes

Donald Trump will be officially sworn in as President of the United States today, having gained nearly three million fewer votes than his opponent.

The margin of 2.86 million ballots was the biggest popular vote disparity in US history for a candidate who has gone on to become President, significantly greater than the 544,000-vote gap between George W Bush and Al Gore in 2000.

Hillary Clinton’s final tally was just 72,000 shy of Barack Obama’s winning margin in the 2012 election, when he beat Mitt Romney.

The Republican won the Electoral College after victory in swing states such as Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, in addition to surprise wins in previously Democrat-held states including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


63 million is a big number in anybody’s language.

Yet most on here, would struggle to even know a Trump supporter - such is the bubble they live in.


4 Billion is a way bigger number.


Or they live in Australia and not America


I like how you just brought this out of no where.

Kinda like how Trump brings up that number purely out his ■■■.


You do realise that 63 million people is the total number of votes for both candidates don’t you Trip, or are you continuing your history of emulating your idol and just saying ■■■■ because. Trump received approximately 30 million votes to Clinton’s approximately 33 million votes.


Everyone knows that 10 of the 33 where illegal though.


This is just factually incorrect. Even those who think Russian interference, or the timing of Comey reopening the email investigation were factors, still think those people went out to vote for Trump. The question is whether or not they were influenced by these things. It is Republican’s who question whether or not the votes were real. If anything, people leaning left think there were too few votes since they believe voter suppression legislation was effective.

And just for clarity, what I listed above are not the only reasons people think Americans voted for Trump. But in a contest where a few hundred thousand votes changing in one or two states would have made the difference, any of a number of drivers could have made the difference.

Finally, your the one who has decided these are conspiracy theories. Given the facts released by Trump and his team, the analysis by investigative reporters and the indictments already made, there is far more basis to the collusion claims than the Republican conspiracy theories that have been pushed by congress, right wing pundits and right wing voters. To conflate the two simply as conspiracy theories is a convenient way of trying to hide that fact.


It’s the TDS , …


He conveniently forgets this post

Basically, if you dont like trump, you have to be a ‘leftist’. He’s a troll.


You might want to check that again.


Those numbers are incorrect, LB

Donald J. Trump 62,980,160
Hillary R. Clinton 65,845,063


How big a number is 3 MILLION???


Yes, because the average American who voted for Trump is so stupid they are able to be influenced by some very poor Facebook ads. Your elitist snobbery is showing HG.


He gets it!!

I don’t believe it, … but he’s got it!! Saints be praised …