Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Yep, … classics all, … but Drumpf has outshone Ol GW in the dumb stakes threefold.


Or maybe he’s a fkn Dolt?

If only there was some sort of evidence to back up such a wild theory?? :thinking:


I posted it for a bit of light hearted fun.


The behavior this week (not respecting McCain and his legacy) is just another example of the childish petulance we have come to accept from this guy. He is 72. He is not going to change. He has serious issues including potentially senility. That does NOT excuse his enablers, the Republican party, the evangelical base, and his supporters.

Every time we feel we have struck bottom we find another layer to dig through.


Leave the poor old deranged President alone everyone.


The way he crossed his arms and harumphed when asked a question about McCain, was so reminiscent of a 2 yr old refusing to put shoes on, I near fell out of my chair laughing.



I loved on of his interviews this week on impeachment.

You shouldn’t impeach me becuase I’m smart and everyone will lose on the economy.

Journo asks what would happen to the economy?

Answer”big numbers in reverse”


He is right in a way.


Probably the most bigley in reverse in fact. The most bigly of forever.


Not that I ever want a recession but geez it would be interesting to see him manage one. I’m not sure he would even be able to admit negative news.


Duh. It would be Obama’s fault.


“Hillary’s email deletion causes recession” - Fox News


Fox News: we are not really in a recession. Why believe the technocrats.

Trump: people tell me we are not really in a recession.


Smart people?


Stable Geniuses.


The “Witch Hunt” Recession. Mueller should be Jailed. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK …


Trump news: Google is failing to show enough good stories and could be prosecuted for making me look bad, says president in latest attack on media

Andrew Griffin

6-8 minutes

Donald Trump has accused Google of rigging its search results to make him look bad.

People who search for the latest news about the president are in fact being shown intentionally damaging stories, he claimed.

Mr Trump even suggested that the search giant could be prosecuted for not showing enough positive stories.

“Google search results for ‘Trump News’ shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media,” he wrote on Twitter. ”In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal?”

He also suggested that he had studied the results on a search for “Trump news” and concluded that almost all were “left-wing”. It is not clear where that figure came from, and it does not appear to match up with what appears on that results page at the moment.

“96 per cent of results on ‘Trump News’ are from National Left-Wing Media, very dangerous,” he continued. “Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation – will be addressed!”

The search results that appear on any Google page are decided by an algorithm that brings in a whole host of factors, many of which remain known only to Google itself. Results are also influenced by previous browsing and search history, and that may be happening to the president.

The company has looked to alter some of the ways it decides what to show in the wake of complaints about false news, and suggestions that the search results were showing partisan or misleading news sources.

Google is yet to comment on the president’s allegations.

At the moment, searching for “Trump news” brings up stories from a wide-range of sources. They include positive stories from the BBC and Fox News, as well as more critical pieces from CNN.

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Trump quotes incorrect figures in tweet boasting high approval rating



Wouldn’t the opposite be true then of fox news not showing enough negatives views?


If he doesn’t like Negative News, … perhaps he should, …
A) Stop blatantly Lying 20 times a day, …
B) Stop being a petulant Child when asked simple questions,
C) Stop being a Dumbass, … and
D) Stop with all the Bullshitting Ugly attacking puerile Tweeting, … and see how things get then.


Andrew Gillum Overcomes 4 Governor Candidates to Shock Florida’s Democratic Establishment | Sunshine State News

By Nancy Smith

5-6 minutes

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum didn’t just shock Florida, he shocked the nation Tuesday, scoring a major victory for the party’s progressive wing, putting himself in a position to become the state’s first black governor.

Gillum’s fortunes against wealthier, better funded opponents began to turn after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and a coalition of progressive groups threw their support and money behind him. Among them were liberal megadonors Tom Steyer and George Soros who donated $650,000 to his affiliated political action committee.

With 34.2 percent of the vote, Gillum upset the daughter of former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, a former congresswoman herself. Graham, who led in the polls for most of the campaign, finished up with 31.3 percent. In all Gillum outlasted a field of four competitors. He was the only non-millionaire – and the only supporter of “Medicare for all” single-payer health care.

As Politico Florida wrote, Gillum was the only Democrat during the first debate who didn’t blame farmers and the sugar industry in particular for the current algae crisis in the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie estuaries. He spoke about the poor communities around the lake who would be affected by increased environmental regulations and less farming.

“Andrew Gillum is rare kind of politician,” one Democrat who voted for him told Sunshine State News late Tuesday. “He’s a politician who considers the cost to real people, working families who are harmed when politicians prefer sound bites over real policy and slime an entire industry for their own political gain.”

Democrats in the race, including Palm Beach County billionaire Jeff Greene and wealthy former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine, spent more than $100 million for the chance to wrest back control of the governor’s mansion, which has been in Republican hands for two decades.

As the primary neared, progressive groups – Indivisible Action, The Collective PAC, The New Florida Vision PAC and the Sanders-inspired Our Revolution among them – banded together to invest an additional $3.5 million in get-out-the-vote efforts supporting the Tallahassee mayor.

Gillum campaigned as an outspoken critic of the state’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, which he said at a protest earlier this month “has no place in a civilized society.”

In a statement Tuesday night, Sanders cheered Gillum’s “vision” and cast Gillum as a leader in the broader progressive movement:

“No one person can take on the economic and political elites on their own. Tonight, Floridians joined Andrew in standing up and demanding change in their community. That’s what the political revolution is all about and Andrew Gillum is helping to lead it.”

Jeff Greene, who recorded 10.1 percent of the vote, said this when the night ended:

"I don’t regret a moment or a dollar spent on this election. Having been blessed with great success, there is nothing more important for me than investing time and resources in addressing the problems of Florida’s most vulnerable. I’ll forever be grateful for this summer spent with my kids traveling across this beautiful state, meeting people from all walks of life, sharing ideas, and fighting to create pathways for everyone to thrive.

Continued Greene, “I want to congratulate Andrew, Chris (King), Gwen, and Philip on running great races and sharing important ideas for Florida. Now, looking toward the general election, I am proud to get behind our nominee, Andrew Gillum. Andrew is a progressive young leader who brings voice and vision for Florida, and I support him 100 percent. I wish Andrew and all Democrats luck as our party works together to defeat Republicans at the polls in November. …”

Leslie Wimes, founder of the Democratic African American Women Caucus, penned several oped columns in Sunshine State News prior to the election predicting Gillum would win. (See here, here and here.)

"While the mainstream media chose to write off Andrew Gillum because his bank account wasn’t as deep as others, or his last name wasn’t as famous, I, and people who had more of an ear to the ground knew Gillum could and would win.

“Just like people underestimated Gillum, Florida pundits underestimate those of us who have valuable input in the political climate. I was right about what would happen in the Clinton race, and I was right about what would happen in the Gillum race. At some point the status quo has to acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers, and they should listen to what we have to say.”