Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


It will be an interesting governatorial race.

Progressive black democrat v racist trumpian republican in florida; should be a precursor to 2020

If Gillum wins, republicans across the country will be in a cold sweat, if they’re not already.

Gillum likely to generate huge turnout, the racism likely to help him. Gillum was 4th in polling for the primary and won, huge.


I was in Florida recently. A nice lady there called people like that “Floridiots”.


Another plea and cooperation deal for the Special Counsel. W. Samuel Patton, a lobbyist connected to Trump’s one-time campaign manager Manafort, has pled guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent, and has agreed to co-operate with both Mueller’s team, and the DC US Attorney’s office, in their ongoing investigations. He has admitted to lying to the Senate under oath, and funnelling foreign money into Trump’s inauguration fund.




Trump’s America. These emboldened arsewipes feel like this is their time. The irony is that they’re motivated by fear. Such sad little people.


Kanye reckons he’s already got the 2024 election sewn up. Was way funnier when he said it back in 2015…


Extraordinary revelations/excerpts from Bob Woodward’s (he of Watergate fame) new book on Trump’s Presidency. Here is a transcript and recording of a call he had with Trump:


And here are the excerpts:

We are F$%#ED


Companies in the US are moving manufacturing from China to either low cost US destinations or Mexico.

Chinese growth is slowing and the USA is really starting to hum.

There’s some collateral damage sure, but Trump is making a difference.

Whilst he is doing that, and the American economy is doing well all this grubby political stuff won’t matter.

And to be honest, all its going to do(highlighting that Trump and his supporters are shit people) is expose all side of politics(and their sponsors) for their grubby behaviour.

Much as its done here with bribery scandals, union corruption and immoral/illegal banking conduct.

What really maters t
Is policy.

F**k China and I wish we did the same.


To be honest the “collateral damage” you speak of is getting worse and ironically impacting the folks who voted for Trump. Plus, now there are now Billions of $ in bailouts needed to protect folks. He is riding on Obama’s coattails but even Obama’s influence is going to start waning soon.


My point is the layoffs are biting in China too and US companies are moving.

If Europe followed suit it would put the Chinese back in their box.

Some lose but plenty win.


If China’s economy falters, we are really farked.

I would rather deal with the Chinese than the Yanks.


Chinese growth has been slowing for years as they convert their economy away from manufacturing. Trump’s growth rates are lower than Obama’s. Don’t be fooled by simplistic partisan analysis.

And I don’t think US presidents get kudos for a good economy anymore because the electorate is too partisan. It will be interesting if the US economy turns to see if they get penalised.


Job wise they are in trouble.

What do you think when US companies move their manufacturing out of China?


By then, the idea is that China will have already copied all the US companies’ IP, and there’ll be enough of a Chinese middle class to drive a manufacturing industry built primarily on domestic consumption rather than export.


US Companies returning to manufacture in Continental America is mostly due to Trump trade sanctions. Make it in China and you cannot sell it in USA.

However how long do you think US people will want to buy more expensive items produced in a more expensive market. It is altruistic but naive to think that citizens of USA or Australia actually care about Made in USA or Made in Australia. Been shown for years that we buy cheap and manufacturers want to make even cheaper to make more money.

Fark, even the Australian Government recommended to us to move our Factory to China.


Nah US companies will just go to another low cost manufacturing country which is exactly what they are doing.

Some will be back in the USA where it makes sense.


Sure they go to Mexico or Puerto Rico, and the only place they will sell is the USA because the quality will be crap and Europe , Asia and even Australia will not buy because it will not be cheap enough to give us a reason.

Visit some factories in China, like I do; modern with a educated labour force that you do not find even in some places of USA. Bet you a dollar or two that Apple does not move any factory out of China.


Foxconn(apple) have a factory in Mexico, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Mercedes, BMW for starters?

China is not the only show in town.


Manufacturing has been moving out of China to lower cost countries for years.

Just like it previously moved out of Japan.