Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Africa will be the next big one.
Lots of dirt poor people, with minuscule wage expectations.
Chinese money and companies pouring in.
Odds on there will be lots of manufacturing there in the not too distant future.


China isn’t absurdly cheap any more. The price of labour has risen to the point that freight can outweigh the labour savings. Some manufacturers have moved back to the USA to take advantage of cheap Americans close to market. Was happening before Trump.


Pakistan and Bangladesh are the flavour of this decade. Africa next.

US companies are only moving back because unions are dead and they can go back to paying fk all.


I think China will be fine.

America on the hand, I’m pretty sure they’re f’ed, bigly


Sanders has a campaign on about the appalling low wages in the US. He is going after Amazon at the moment and fought for the Disney workers.


The fact that you have full-time workers who are paid so little that they need to claim food stamps and other forms of welfare to make a living shows that the Amazons and WalMarts of world are actually big fans of Socialism, if it effectively acts a subsidy, supplementing their poverty wages.


Socialism isn’t really about government subsidies. It’s mostly about collective ownership of the means of production.


Tell that to the free market libertarians and brainwashed masses


One for every occasion.


Companies would have been in Africa 15+ years ago if they could get their act together - I doubt it will ever happen.


In an already incredibly revealing week this Op Ed might just take the cake. I am no Republican but this gives me a little (just a little) hope that maybe our nation has a smidgen of a chance.

“The bigger concern is not what Mr. Trump has done to the presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us. We have sunk low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility.”


I don’t know about that. I don’t think actively subverting the President or the military ignoring orders (as alleged in Woodward’s book) ends in a good place. If things are that bad that you are driven to such measures (this is just the latest in a long series that indicates it is) then you probably need to quit (earlier than this) and go public hard.

Like the Kelly-Anne/George Conway piece recently it smacks of someone sniffing the air and jockeying for post-Trump book deals and acceptance.

They keep trying to ride the beast to protect what remains of their agenda.


Can only imagine how paranoid Trump will become after the Woodward book and anon article. This cannot be good for his mental state.


He’s starting tweeting single words like “TREASON?” if that gives you an idea.


The Op Ed uses the word “lodestar”. Quick internet researchers have found multiple examples of Mike Pence using the word in the past. Pass the popcorn!


Or it is made up, not unheard of from the media.


I find it hard to imagine it would be Pence. I also don’t quite share your optimism or glee (though I recognise that is too strong a word), DM.


I allways thought Trump was incompetent and too nuts to make it work.

I never in a million years thought he woul fail this spectacularly.

Wish Trip was still here. The claims that he’s really next level smart and playing 3D chess which no one understands look ridiculous now.


Agree with that. I don’t think it is Pence. Just another conspiracy theory though I do think Trump will wonder.

Agreed also on not being too optimistic on this. It is just another in a series of leaks, whispers, rumors. Just made me laugh thinking of the week President Cheetos is having. I mean, this guy has more scandals in a day than Obama had in 8 years.

On to the next!


TBF to him, the media generate a lot of scandals to maintain the outrage, most of which haven’t actually ended up being overly true.

On the other hand, he drives it as well because he deliberately tweets provocative statements because he knows the media will go after it. In his world, media focus is important, bad or good is irrelevant as long as he can use it.