Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Clean sweep for the Democrats at State and Federal level in Colorado. Almost matched in Nevada, with claims that the Nevada success was not achieved by a move to the centre.


Wow … … ok.
Seems we view things very differently.

I would argue what you call freedom of speech is actually more often than not exercised as the right of self righteous abuse, and I don’t see that as a good thing. They nanny state, as you call it, too. Admittedly less than us and on different things. But I believe some things need regulation. Guns for one. Drunks piloting vehicles for another. Stronger resistance to pc behaviour: I assume you are joking because that’s where most of it originates. If by sjw culture you mean things like multiculturalism, civil rights, universal healthcare, gay rights etc then I think that’s a good thing. I couldn’t give a flyer about hispanic food, or hispanic women, but you would find both to be better, and more numerous, outside the US in the countries they come from. Lower cost of living is a relative thing. I would rather pay more and not work my ■■■■ off and still need food stamps and the like. There are far too many working poor in the US for my liking. We have pretty much the same variety of weather available if that’s your thing. They certainly do have world class snow fields. Yes it’s a better location for overseas travel if you want to go to Europe or South America, not so much if you want to go to Asia. As for economic opportunity, yes, you have a chance to rise to the top, but you are actually far more likely to stagnate, or even head for the bottom. People confuse some rising to incredible wealth to meaning that that society gives greater opportunity to climb the ladder. That’s just not true. But if you do, you are more likely to be financially way better off than most.


One thing that’s really noticeable when I’m talking to my US friends who live here or my Aust rellies who’ve moved to the US is how true this isn’t.

The health care system over there really is crippling economically, for a bunch of interlocking reasons. Your health care is linked to your job, so it’s really dangerous to start up on your own as an entrepreneur etc because you won’t have health insurance if you do, and you’re gambling everything if you get sick. This means a lot of people are simply chained to low-income dead-end jobs, and their employers know it and exploit them ruthlessly. And because of the legal system over there (among other reasons), insurance costs for medicos are sky-high, the cost of which gets passed on to patients if you’re uninsured, and that means that even if you pay full private cost for a a procedure here, outside of Medicare (i’ve done this, to jump an elective surgery queue), it’s still MUCH more expensive over there. And this is true even for relatively minor procedures. One night in hospital can blight your financial prospects for a decade.


Yet another mass shooting in the US.

This time in a Southern Californian Bar.

11 Victims, not Including the Shooter, and a Cop.




Total ar se-wipe of a country.


Freedom to Massacre.


Unlimited Shooting Assaults.


12 dead, 12+ more injured.

If only they had rocks to make it a fair match.


They need to compulsorily arm all Barpersons and Wait staff.


In one of the safest places in California :cry:


Damn straight!


For those that follow the us media cycle, and it sounds like a few of you do…is the caravan of terrorists and rapists heading towards the border still a thing.

Or has that died down since the latest poll has completed, and we’ve had a couple days of sackings, mass shootings and revoking of press passes?


Bunch of people, traveling by foot, about 1000 miles from the US border. There still a fair way away. It was only ever race-baiting electioneering.


A group of angry Antifa protestors gathered outside of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s home on Wednesday evening.

The anti-fascists group, possibly associated with Smash Racism D.C., chanted “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night” outside of Carlson’s Washington home. In a video posted online, the group can also be heard saying, “Racist scumbag, leave town!”

Carlson’s wife, Susie, was home alone at the time. He told Fox she locked herself into a pantry and called police.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” said the group broke his oak door and one person mentioned a pipe bomb, as heard on a security video.


Despicable behavior and completely abhorrent. This country is losing (as 'boot would put it) its “veneer” of decency. No matter what one may think of Carlson (I think he is a racist loudmouth) there is NO excuse for terrorizing his family. Hope they catch these criminals.


False Flag???

No one forgetfully brought a Tiki Torch along did they?



Hope all those Greens voters in Arizona are feeling good.



Someone above posted that many of the green voters are probably Libertarians who parked their vote green because the Libertarian party was voided from standing. They might not have been left voters at all.


Here is the post.


They’ll feel really good, given they’ve voted their conscience and placed their vote with the candidate who they feel best represents their beliefs and concerns.

That’s how democracy works. There’s no need for the voter shaming.