Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I wasn’t necessarily criticising the idea of laughing at it. Just it wasn’t for me.

If it was to be done I think it needs to be a grim laugh though. Sardonic.


I’m certainly glad he was caught.

You’ve addressed one of the most pointed elements - he was possibly okay with innocents being charged over something that never happened.

Another is that actual victims will find it harder.


BUILD THE WALL. Wait, what did you say? “Coast Guard”?!?! Ok.


What a piece of ■■■■. Thankfully they were able to get this ■■■■■■■■ in time.


Haha Tucker Carlson losing his mind in an un-aired interview with the Dutch historian who gave both barrels to all and sundry at Davos.

🚨@rcbregman, my Dutch brother from another mother and the specter that haunted Davos, causes Tucker Carlson to have a meltdown. The episode didn’t air, but now the footage has been leaked.

— Anand Giridharadas (@AnandWrites) February 20, 2019


He really is a weak as ■■■■ pretend intellectual. I’ve seen him being torn to shreds and literally turn off the other person’s mike and talk over them. He is a complete turkey.


Probably seen as useful by the Murdochs.


Yep, as Bergman points out “a millionaire paid by a billionare” just a mouth for the masses


Raised $5.9 million in first 24 hours #feelthebern

Comfortably the most formidable candidate IMO


He’s going to be 80 his 1st year in if he got there. Fkn 80 years old!!

Right attitude, wrong age. Don’t like his chances TBH.

Gen Next please. They need youth, / freshness.


Age is irrelevant when all the other candidates are significantly worse on the issues.

The best way for the next generation of progressives to come through will be by riding Bernie’s coat tails. And the positions in government that will open up for them.

And besides, for an 80yo he is healthier than most 60yo’s.


Why do you say that? Most of the current crop of candidates are pretty progressive.


I agree, but it doesn’t look like happening. Sanders, Warren, Biden seem to be the frontrunners so far and they’re ALL late 70s.

The presidency is a brutally hard and draining job. Compare photos of Obama in 2008 vs 2016 - he looks like he aged 20 years in 8. Even Trump has visibly aged in only two years, and he’s 50% fake tan by bodyweight and spends his time watching TV and golfing instead of doing any work anyway.

I just don’t think an 80yo is physically capable of doing the job. Think of all the 80yos you know. How many of them would stand up under the continual pressure of the most responsible job in the world?

Regardless, at this very very early stage it looks more likely to be one of them. I just hope they pick good V candidates.


Look Bernie can claim credit for many of the policies that the Dems are pushing. Can you imagine a cohort so progressive even 4yrs ago? That said, I need to know a lot more from him about his thoughts on funding the agenda and on foreign policy. Voted for him over Hillary in the primaries last time. Don’t think he is the best candidate this time…


Listened to Karmala Harris on the daily show (I podcast it). Seems decent. Ticks a few boxes that would build a broad coalition of Democrat voters.


Warren is 69. Three years younger than Trump.


Not Warren, … she’s 69 mate. A Spring Chicken!


The age argument, whilst it has some validity, is still weak. If there was only one doctor on the planet who could perform the surgery which could save your life, would you refuse him/her because he/she was too old? ■■■■ no. It’s preposterous.

Apart from Warren and Gabbard who else? Harris, Klobuchar, Gillibrand are all centrist (corporate) stooges.

Have you seen Bernie’s travel itinerary? The guy is machine, travels all over the States. I don’t think his health is a concern at least in the short term. On Biden, I wasn’t aware he has announced his candidacy yet? I don’t think the Dems can afford to run another centrist in the GE, populace has wised up to the neoliberal con job.

Kamala Harris isn’t anyone’s friend (other than her corporate masters). Her record as a prosecutor is anything but progressive, she literally threw the parents of truants in jail and got caught trying to keep non-violent inmates incarcerated as the prison system would “lose a cheap source of labour”

On top of that, she FAILED to prosecute Steve Mnuchin when he was head of One West Bank as Cali AG when her team had found over 1,000 cases of foreclosure violations and also went on to state that they’d probably find over another 1,000 had they been allowed to.

Hard pass.


Gabbard?? Now I know you’re takin’ the pizz there son.

Either that or you’re off your proverbial rocker. Faaaaaarrrk.

All you mentioned bar Klobachar are rated higher than feccken Bern!!

While your inexplicable obsession Tulsi, … is rated equal with 90% of if not all Repugnantins.

Fark me, … can you actually do any worse than a big Capital F in a big red square??

Ans: No. … No you can’t.