Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


They shouldn’t be supporting anyone if they’re a fair and balanced network, wouldn’t you say? What does my avatar have to do with it?


Lol. Hillary is a lefty.

rightio …


Why wouldn’t they support the least lunatic candidate?
How is that unbalanced?

As for your avatar, it’s Hitler.
You’ve chosen Hitler to represent yourself.
If you don’t think that should affect your credibility then you are, of course, free to believe that.


Do you see the contradiction here?

CNN barracked for … the more rightwing candidate in the Dem primaries, therefore they are left-leaning? Tell me, what or who, exactly, it CNN biased towards?

Anyway, you’re missing the larger point.

The Fox business/political model is to create a false equivalence. To spout rightwing stuff that’s incredibly outrageously dishonest bullshit propaganda, and then demand, in the sake of ‘fairness’ and ‘balance’, the everyone else gives their lies with equivalent coverage as every other network’s attempts at real reporting. And then, when this actually happens, to paint the relatively boring, middle-of-the-road conventional media outlets as the balancing ‘left-wing’ reporting to their ‘right-wing’.

There is no equivalence. CNN is NOT in any way ‘the left wing fox’. The two things are fundamentally different. CNN and other mainstream outlets (for all their faults, which are many) routinely give Republicans and conservatives a significant platform. They take up and cover anti-Dem stories that start on Fox (even when those stories are garbage, like the whole birtherism thing). They call out Dems on stuff-ups. They pursue the ‘narrative’ even when it is anti-dem.

Fox does none of these things. Dems (when they exist on Fox at all) are carefully selected to be wishywashy and used as a punching bag. THey do not follow up on Repub scandals, instead talking up the '‘fake news conspiracy’ that;s covering them. They cover up for Trump and other republicans, they’re STILL talking up ancient and long-debunked manufactured Clinton faux-scandals even as Trump runs around making Nixon look straight.

Fax news is trying to tell people that ‘sensible centre’ is half-way between where they stand and where everyone else stands, rather than being where reality is.


I am going to guess you probably are a heavy CNN watcher.

The very fact that they were barracking for anyone shows they have a bias. That was my point. It doesn’t matter who they were barracking for, they were still barracking. You keep bringing up Fox News, i’m saying Fox News are incredibly bias. Hence why I don’t watch them or CNN.

I don’t see what the problem is…


Fox news was never intended to be a journalistic organisation, it was set up with the intention of giving Conservative republicans a 24 hour propaganda station, which they could use to mislead, lie and fabricate stories to suit their political narratives. Which they have done long before trump ever arrived, it was Fox who called the 2000 election for Bush despite the counts being incomplete which pressured the other news outlets to follow suit AND the editor/producer of their election coverage at the time was none other than Bush’s cousin.

Despite all of CNNs flaws they at least try and remain their journalistic credentials by remaining neutral even when the facts are clear.


No, you really don’t.

You seem to believe that ‘balanced reporting’ is what’s important - giving equal coverage and equal respect to both candidates in an election.

I believe that ‘honest reporting’ is what’s important. And if that means saying ‘candidate X in this election is a lying crook’ when that is transparently the case, and saying that ‘party Y is not remotely in the realm of reality when it comes to issues like climate change’, then so be it.

If a media outlet prostrates itself at the altar of ‘balance’ and ‘equal coverage’ and ‘evenhandedness’, then it loses the ability to report honestly when one side IS clearly crazy.


So you’re admitting they do have a slant, which was my point…

I disagree with that completely. If something is completely crazy, an unbiased report is all that is needed. Allow people to see it for themselves, and make up their own minds.


Facts also have a slant


A slant towards truth is the JOB DESCRIPTION of journalists.

A media outlet should report the truth.

If that means saying ‘Trump is lying’ 100 times more than you say ‘the Dems are lying’ when this is in fact the case, so be it. In the real world, not all things are equal. When one political party is scientifically deluded when it comes to major issues, and when a president is corrupt beyond the wildest dreams of any modern administration and routinely tells transparently lies about matters large and small, how on earth do YOU think media should be reporting this?


By that linear measure, the mid-point between CNN & Fox would be centrist & reasonable.
Which it is not.


It might be but very few actually live out their job description, and CNN is very biased. Just because you like them doesn’t alter that fact. They are just a little less biased than Fox is.


And this is the other objective, of course.
‘You can’t trust any media source.’
We’re bad, but at least we’re upfront about it. The others are just as bad as us, they’re just sneakier.
It’s bollocks.


Oh god!! Listen to yourself.

Of course they should report what’s going on. But they also choose not to report on certain things, spend far less time on certain things, have round table discussions with mostly people with far-left views. Just like Fox News does.

They have a narrative, and they stick with it. You clearly enjoy CNN, lol, which is absolutely fine.


What’s your measure on bias here?

There are a LOT of conservatives on CNN, and they get to put their views forward freely. The in-house ones even get to lie blatantly on-air and keep their jobs. CNN goes out of its way to hire Trump loyalists, even when they are not qualified for the jobs they are being hired for.

What metric are you judging on here? This is an honest question - I know that you and I don’t always agree on political matters, but I respect you and know you’re not a ideologue or fanatic, so I’m wondering how you came to this view.


Give me one example of CNN having a round-table discussion with mostly people with ‘far-left’ views. Just one.

Because this simply doesn’t happen.

Truth matters.


How would he know?
He doesn’t watch it.


Apologies. I should have said a round table discussion made up of majority left-leaning views.


Ok, you’re getting there. Now how many round-table discussions on Fox have ANY left-wing views at all?


He doesn’t watch Fox either.