Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


So catty for such an old man.


You certainly have a lot views about things you never watch.

And I’m not that old, Adolf.


I watched CNN during the election, and got sick of it.

How do you form your opinions on Fox News, when I’m sure you don’t watch it?

I also have a crew-cut atm, you might run away in fear if you saw me on the streets.

I genuinely don’t watch it. I have seen Juan Williams on one of their shows, he certainly has some left-leaning views and there is tones of clips on Youtube of hosts arguing with guests who have left-leaning views.


I can assure you I would not.
Interesting ethical question, is it wrong to punch a nazi?


I just spent five weeks livings in San Francisco.

I watched CNN regularly and Fox on occasion, so I reckon I am qualified to comment.

In my view both Fox and CNN are right wing in their editorial and approach, but Fox loves Trump and is dedicated to giving him massive support. CNN hates Trump, and virtually every program attacks everything he does.

Both are just way over the top.


It’s true.

The qualification for a Nazi is comical avatar on forum and hair-length.


The question is hypothetical, of course.
You’re just an idiot.




I know you’re not going to have your opinion changed over the internet, despite HM’s best efforts to be reasonable.
You’re going to keep on believing all the things you believe from the gospel of It Stands To Reason, and pesky facts won’t even make the slightest dent in it.

You’re a child.
You think a Hitler avatar is funny.
And you think your right to think a Hitler avatar is funny outweighs the possibility of hurting someone here who might have had their grandparents gassed just, so farking much.

In ten years, maybe you’ll grow up.
Personally, I doubt it.


The only clips of Fox News I see are occasional clips on YouTube. I have seen Juan Williams on a roundtable show, he has left-leaning views, they seem to have lots of arguments with guests who have left-leaning views. But I still think Fox News is completely biased, so what would that prove.

More or less the direction I was taking from the beginning, with a few differences.


Read through the whole discussion you dunce. I have been nothing but reasonable. If you asked a completely neutral observer they would say @Humble_Minion has been far more intense. His post are very much opinion based, just like mine.

I don’t think Hitler is funny. I think the idea of Hitler as Colonel Sanders is silly. I must have a darker sense of humour than you. If you think me having it in anyway shows my support for hitler, then there is not much I can do.

So far the only people who have ever commented on it are you and @Henry_s_Angry_Pills, and both times were during an argument.

You wouldn’t know the first thing about my life buddy, lol, save your Pseudo-psychology for someone else.


Just read thru your history of posts on this thread.
Looking fwd to seeing Milo?


HM is, bar none, the best poster on this site.
IMO opinion there were two as good, but neither posts here anymore.
And another who was as good but, like me, has gotten tired of people like you and your bullshit.

HM brings the scalpel.
I used to bring the scalpel.
Back when the internet was cool.

But then people like you showed up with your Hitler avs, and your ‘lol, ghey’ and your ‘you’re old’ and your ‘you watch CNN all the time.’
And what is the point of the scalpel against that?
There is none.
So I bring the sledgehammer.

Your arguments are baseless, your proofs are inconsistent, you are the first to go irrelevant and trolly, and you, my friend, are a complete and utter tool.


I’m still amazed people respond.

Nothing better to do?? Fkd if I know.


I genuinely don’t know if this was a bit tongue and cheek or not.

I was having a discussion with @Humble_Minion, you came straight in and out of nowhere started talking about my avatar, and were a smart ■■■■ a couple of times, and now your upset I called you old?

When did you bring the sledgehammer in this argument? lol, wtf are you talking about? You made several catty comments. We were having a discussion and you came in and made it personal.


Please don’t confuse being upset with contempt.
I don’t mind if you call me old, but…you know…if you’re going to open that door…
You are the MAGA hat wearing, anti-vax, flat earth, CNN is duh same as Fox b’doink generation.

So deal with it.


Okay, then don’t start ■■■■, if it’s that easy to make you ‘contempt’.


Do what I want.
And it’s funny, right?

Like your avatar of a genocidal maniac is funny.
If the KFC reference because he cooked them?
Is that what makes it funny?


Of course you can, but it clearly upsets you.

You saw me having a discussion with your friend, and decided to be a smart-■■■■, and then got a little bit miffed by something. You can say whatever you want, but i’ll more than likely respond.


Never met the man to my old foggy memory.

Nice dodge, though.
And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m as serene as a very serene thing.
You’re just not capable of bothering me.