Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Let’s just say Donald Trump Jr didn’t get to Wharton based on IQ


Here comes Beto


Betomania is about to begin.

People like shiny new things, as such he will do well.


Beto strikes me as pretty lame.


From a policy front, I’m finding it real hard to go past Warren. I wish SOMEONE was staying out of the race so they could be a good vp candidate. Warren/Beto or similar could be a really strong combo.


Is there a need for a strong P/VP team at this point when we are light years from knowing the Dem candidate?

I mean I’ve watched the opening credits of VEEP. So I figure I’ve got a handle on how this works.


VP becomes more important if Sanders (or Biden) wins the nomination, mainly due to age related concerns. I can’t see Warren moving past Bernie or Harris as the establishment pick, she would make an ideal VP for either though.

Beto is pretty lame if you ask me, couldn’t beat Cruz, now he wants to take on Trump? Strikes me as another Obama-lite type of politician too, a neo-lib in progressive clothing. From memory he has some concerning ties to fossil fuel companies, which being from Texas isn’t a surprise. His bigger problem is that I can’t see the establishment Dems favouring him over Harris, as female Persons-of-Colour are the current trend the establishment are banking on.


On the flip side if he can land Texas in the Democrats column that would be huge.

But yes, I think of him as a charismatic VP candidate. Harris / O’Rourke would be an intriguing ticket.

LONG way to go folks…


Unfortunately this is not what people vote on ever.




I’d argue that Beto winning a senate seat in Texas (which he’d be odds-on to do) is almost as big a contribution to getting progressive policy implemented in the US as him becoming president would be.

President Warren, President Sanders, whoever - they’ll all need control of the senate to get ■■■■ done. And the senate is gerrymandered to hell & back in favour of small rural (mostly republican) states. Every senate seat the dems can win in red territory is like gold, and Beto is very personally popular in Texas, he could do it.


Presidential candidates have large coat tails. If charismatic democrats are on the ticket, a bunch of lower elections will be carried due to the increased turnout.


Beto is popular in Texas because he’s basically a Republican. He’s another centrist (corporate) stooge that doesn’t belong anywhere near the presidency. It’s got to be Sanders or Warren. Sanders by far has the bigger following, it’s not even close.

Every time Uncy Joe opens his mouth he ■■■■■■ off the Dem base, wtf was he doing praising Pence ffs? He’ll barely last through to the debates.

Right now, there’s a schism in the DNC which if continues, will cost them 2020. The DNC establishment don’t want the left (Sanders, Warren, AOC, Ro Khana etc) to take over the party (someone think of the donors!!), they have to realise that the game is up, the majority of the people are fully on board with Sanders/Warren policies and there needs to be concessions made to the left. Though it would be tempting to have an all left Prez/VP (Sanders/Warren for e.g.), either Sanders or Warren, I think will have to make concessions (should they win the nomination) and extend the olive branch to the centrists

Which is why he should stay on as a Senator and not run for Prez


Manafort gets 7.5 years.

Probably serve 5, … maybe.


Sanders is at 22% and warren 7%, its not even a majority of democrats at this point who favour them.


Nothing means anything at this point, and not for a long time yet.


Of course polls are silly now.

But to say the democrats have to hand the rails to the left of the party because they have the overwhelming numbers is wrong.

TBH I don’t even care about which progressive policy they have. As long as they can beat Trump, its factor one through 5 for mine.


I was referring to their policies, not their individual polling data.

Medicare 4 All has around 70% support from the Dem base while it even has a majority of registered Republicans in favour of it. That’s a policy Sanders has been championing for ages. It’s a policy that Hilary said would “never, ever happen” which is all you need to know about the attitude of the “centrists”. The biggest bloc of voters are people who DON’T vote followed by millenials. The DNC needs to tap into that and policies like Medicare 4 All, free college, legalisation of weed are policies that need to be at the forefront of the campaign.

If the DNC run on “we’re not Trump” they’re going to lose. To beat Trump you’ll have to put up some substantive policy.


They might even beat Trump with a ‘we’re not Trump!’ platform, but they won’t win the Senate and they’ll wind up losing in an epochal landslide to the 2024 Repub nominee, who’ll be pushing the same policies as Trump but will be actually organised and coherent rather than a drooling Adderall-snorting senile money-launderer.


Beto is unemployed, not a Senator. Missed by about $200k votes, the closest in recent Texan history. His small donor fundraising was huge, he comes with major name recognition. He could contest the senate seat in 2020 OR contest the Presidency. Can’t hurt having a crack now and he’ll likely be on the VP shortlist.