Manchester Terrorist Attack


Targeting essentially young kids watching a concert. Insanity


19 dead so far



Watching the news, the sheer panic on mostly young girls faces is horrible.


Reports sound awful. 50 injured as well.


I'm going to keep my mouth shut here. I'll probably end up with a ban.


Sorry no time to reply .... I'm off to change my Facebook profile to the UK flag and post #prayformanchester on Twitter


Seriously, f*ck off with your sarcasm.


Unconfirmed but I did read a story that hospitals were treating people for what seemed like a nail bomb



Kids are dead




Rage is my overwhelming emotion right now. Kids, they were kids just wanting to enjoy a concert.


Unfortunately, it was a matter of when and where, not if.

And yes, I'm assuming this is a radical islam attack. I think its a safe assumption.



That's what I wanted to say when I posted I'd stay quite.

This is just purely awful.


Why assume anything when you don't have to? The perpetrators will be revealed in time.


Absolutely disgusting that stuff like this happens in the world. My heart goes out to the innocent people caught up in this and their family/friends...


The Religion of Peace.

Now wait for the excuses.

And the publicity campaign to prevent Islamophobia.


It will be different this time. I dont think they have targetted children like this before.


Not western children. But in the east...





I'm not going to complain about the security checks at the MCG any more.