Manchester Terrorist Attack


If you hate Australia so much and think so poorly of its citizens then might I suggest moving elsewhere. For your own sanity.


Before we start a "if you don't like it leave" war.

Section 116 of the constitution states,

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Freedom of relegion is an Australian value, enshrined in the constitution.


All religion should be abolished and replaced by Sunday happy hours.


Picking up on previous points, police monitoring could do with more support. Sydney and Manchester both suffered a lack of following up leads. We know that police can let the power go to their heads, but there seems to be a good case for increasing funding to this sort of work.

How much of this terrorism is attributable to wanting a sense of purpose? A hundred years ago people fell over themselves to enlist in WW1. Liberating Belgium is better than killing infidels, but either way you feel important, powerful and to some extent, feared. Historically young miscreant males have been sent to the armed forces to drag the ruffian out of them. Some see sport as a modern more peaceful tribal alternative to violence, but these days Western society is comparatively pretty tame. Of course it is sick to see killing others as the route to self-improvement, but when you add a weapon, a purpose and an adventure, there will probably always be a few to put up their hands. We can ridicule them, show them up to be frustrated frauds like Monis, promote the real heroes of their faith like the White Helmets in Syria by comparison and highlight the gradual demolition of the Caliphate (Raqqa metro province). All that makes IS look less attractive. But in the end some just need to be found by the police and stopped.


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You mean Dr Aly?

The guy was just awarded a phd for his research on global terrorism, yep that dude knows nothing.,-waleed-aly,-receives-phd-from-monash-university2

Monash University academic, writer, lawyer, and broadcaster, Waleed Aly, has received his PhD at a graduation ceremony at Monash.

Waleed is a politics lecturer at the Monash School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, and working primarily within the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC).

He has completed a PhD on global terrorism, with the paper titled ‘Towards a structuration theory of global terrorism’.


A brown guy with a PHD? Definitely a front for turrrrrrsts!


He took er jurbs!!


You have an "If you don't love it leave" sticker on your car don't you or is it a "■■■■ off we're full" one?


I don't see any point in bagging people for expressing their feelings. The whole point of acts like these is to kill people in a way that makes us feel vulnerable, like it could have been us or our families.

People will react to that in different ways - fear is a rational response, anger is a rational response. The ability to separate the person from the religion and think rationally about it is great, but it doesn't make you any better or worse than anyone else.

We're all in the same boat. Regardless of whether we are shouting about the Muslim hordes, worrying about our kids, over-intellectualising it, brandishing flags, trying to understand it or changing our behaviours because of it, we are all affected by it and none of us have a solution.


Terror threat level is still at highest level.

Also martial law in southern regions of Philippines.


I don't think religion is to blame in itself. It's when people want you to do believe in the same thing they do and won't accept anything else or allow you to believe in anything else is the fundamental issue. Religion, race, gender, left, right, football team etc...

Unless your Sam Mitchell though, that guy can ■■■■ off.


Not sure if you are serious or just a ■■■■■■■■.

There are many well educated women in Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, etc, etc who wear what they like, drive cars and have careers, and are Islamic in their beliefs.


Ignorance is Blitz ...

And it's never more evident than when threads such as this degenerate into the state this one now has, .. as they all inevitably do.


This one is hard to take. I've welled up at times today reading witness accounts while trying to focus on work. My daughter is 13 and pressuring us to buy tix to Ed Sheeran - her first concert. I was born in the North of England. And I have friends there with daughters 12 and 14 years. It feels personal.

But one thing I know for sure - marginalising the moderate Muslims in our community will make things worse. Its what ISIS want - to drive a wedge between us and divide us with hate (not for no reason did ISIS launch an attack before the French election to favour Le Pen). I'm all for improved policing and sensible border control. But continued open engagement with the moderate majority who are already here is the only positive way forward.

Sometimes its hard, but I believe we must resist the easy temptation to respond to hate with more hate. That just ends with yet more dead kids.


Fear and anger are not rational, they are bred by ignorance and bigotry


If you're not scared and angry about Manchester I worry for you


I'm fine you can save all the worry for yourself you angry scared person you


Waleed is a darling of the left, so not surprised so many of you defend him.

He is an apologist for Sheik Hilaly, who said the 9/11 attacks were justified and referred to the pilots as 'heroes' and has also referred to Australian women as 'meat'.

He is also an apologist for hizb ut tahrir, already banned in 19 other countries and many in Australia are calling to be banned here.

Just google it, if you want links to other things he has done, i'm happy to provide them.

Waleed and his wife have such a wonderful marriage, because they are both in love with the same man.


I can't decide if I find you stupid & offensive, .. or offensive & stupid.

Maybe it's both.