Manchester Terrorist Attack


I visit many Muslim countries where Muslim women wear tight jeans and tighter tops.

Think you should get out more.


Were they forced to wear them by men?


Yeah I did mention mental illness earlier. The way I see the problem (terrorist attacks in the West) is as follows:

  1. There are a bunch of people, who are teaching that, for religious purposes, these sorts of attacks should be carried out.
  2. There are a handful of individuals in Western countries who are prepared to carry them out.

Attacking point one is difficult. You can't ban the religion, you can't regulate what people think, you can't police every dark corner of the internet. That's why I think the only solution is to work on point two.

The people who carry out these attacks tend to mostly have the same characteristic - young, socially and politically isolated and angry. That description applies to plenty of people. However there's another characteristic at play here - and that is mental illness. I firmly believe that by definition, you have to be mentally ill to go and kill a bunch of 14 year old girls at a concert, or to fly a plane into a building, or to take a truck and mow down people.

We generally accept this of people who commit mass shootings for non religious reasons. In my mind there is no difference between a crazy person who shoots a bunch of college students because none of the girls would ■■■■ him, or a crazy person who kills a bunch of people for a religious reason. Both people are still crazy - their motivation may differ but they are still mentally ill individuals, no matter the source of their motivation.

You might not be able to deal with the propaganda, you might not even be able to deal with the social isolation, but you CAN, with the right resources and systems, detect and treat mental illness early. If the West can manage to do that, then it doesn't matter what sort of propaganda comes out of the hills of Afghanistan, no one in the West will ever be so ill as to act on it.


Religion in isolation isn't the problem, it's the arrogance and lack of tolerance towards other people's beliefs that is. Religions could coexist if they just respected each other and let others believe what they want.

We are God's true people. We need to save your souls. People who don't follow our faith are the enemy.

Such arrogance.


Fair point yes, but those teenagers in America who murder their classmates, do they do it because the Bible tells them to slaughter non Christians? I'm not going to say all Christians have stopped killing in the name of God because that simply isn't true. However the majority of the barbaric acts of people acting in the name of Christianity occurred before the Reformation. It's hard to argue against the fact that Islam needs a Reformation.


Good post.

I think addressing mental Illness on a large scale would benefit the world in a million ways, including this one. I don't think it addresses the whole problem (sane people regularly do crazy things in the name of God, regardless of their location), but it'd be a fair start.


Eh, I don't think it's always mental illness. Some people are just ■■■■■■■■ who think the world owes them. All they've been provided with in your example is a feedback-loop that reinforces and strengthen those beliefs rather than challenges them, and you end up with someone who feels completely justified in their actions.


Time for absolute zero tolerance of radical Islam in any shape or form. Appeasing these animals does not work. In fact, they just take more liberties. FFS you could not get more Islam friendly cities than Manchester, Paris and Brussels and this is now how they are rewarded.

*Unless a mosque can show a genuine commitment to harmony or contribute positively to society then it needs to be cut of all funding and have its religious status revoked.
*If you want to wear a burqa or niqab then you will need to wear it in a country that has this normalised. Not in this country.
*Marrying a 14 year old is not accepable in any way.
*Cuttng a girls ■■■■■■■■ off is not acceptable in any way.
*Gay people are welcome in this country. If you disapprove then keep it to yourself.
*it is not acceptable to not have a basic Year 5 Naplan level understanding of English if you are of adult age and have been in the country for more than 5 years.
*All citizens are expected to contribute positively to this country in some, shape or form. If this bothers you then this country is not for you.


l o fkn l

Wearing headwear is radical Islam behaviour? Wowee


Mental illness is an interesting one.

History is replete with examples proving that humanity will follow evil and illogical 'leadership' to the bitter end. Inquisition, Albigensian Crusade, Holocaust, Jonestown,, Rwanda, North Korea whatever. We (humanity) are staggeringly stupid , and unfortunately tribal, at times.

Currently, its this Islamist garbage. The nature of the "heirarchy" of Islam is part of the problem imo. Theres way too many half educated mufti's etc that seem to at least condone some very reprehensible behaviour and ideology. Some outright encourage it and foster it. And they find willing audiences mainly (but not always) in the impoverished and uneducated, for whom a pathway and sense of superiority seems to open up. But its all founded on an inability to think logically and is a failing of the human condition rather than the specifics of Islam. All of it. There's little or no difference between that prick thinking "god" will reward him for murdering kids at a concert, or Herr German deciding jewish masses needed to die or Jim Jones followers being certain that their kids needed poisoning. Its all literal insanity but millions will go along with it despite otherwise appearing in good mental 'health'.

That it keeps happening over and over under the excuse of various causes suggests that we are generically programmed to be fundamentally stupid. And we'll follow any leadership, whether good or bad.

Getting as many people as possible to be able to think clearly and rationally might help. Might.


It is normalising radica Islam.

A burqa or niqab is not just headwear. It's a heavy sack that covers a person from head to toe. I have no problem with the Hijab.


With about three or four days effort, I reckon I could find several thousand people non-Islamic people who do not conform to this standard. Do we deport them too?


We promote them. Not giving a f*** is the Australian way


I can see a time in the not too distant future where individuals who are under suspicion will be rounded up and gaoled indefinitely without charge. I understand that Australian law enforcement already has the capacity to do this but hasn't exercised this power as yet. Detention without charge is an extreme response but were a similar attack to happen here, I feel the conditions would be right for the public to forego it's right to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in exchange for the reduced risk of being blown to pieces by a radicalised nutjob.


What are the examples where radical Islam in Australia has been appeased? Female genital mutilation is against the law, as are child brides.

Homophobia is not distinct to Islam.

English level attainment is not distinct to Islam. Plenty of people from other ethic groups could fit into that category.

Plenty of citizens are oxygen thieves in all manner of ways so this is not distinct to Islam.

Agree with 2.

Not sure how you go about substantiating 1 but agree with the intent.


It applies to all. Not just Islam.


Time for zero tolerance on Bigots Xenophobes and red neck right wing intolerant fcuktards too.


What mechanism do you propose for deporting Australian citizens, be it by birth or naturalisation?


A right wing idealists refugee distribution draft.

Malawi are clearly tanking for pick 1, El Salvador are currently in line for pick 2 Burundi pick 3.

Straaya will probably pass at picks 174, 269, 402 and 425. 'Jackets' Dutton still has plenty of salary cap space and will be looking at first world nations unrestricted free agency instead. Might also be looking for some developing nation talent as long as they speak fluent English, integrate into the system quickly, are overqualified, underpaid, prepared to clean the nations dunnys, know exactly who Sir Donald Bradman is, prepared to be subject to casual racist remarks and racial profiling.


Yep. Including all msm personell, and most politicians.