March to the G


Don’t reckon you’ll be paying for many.


I finally got flights over saturday back sunday.

Looking forward to the march


What time do things kick off at fed square


5pm meet, 6:15pm leave
Details here:


We really should have an official Blitz Pre-March-Meet

Or maybe not.


There will also be special hype videos played in the moments before the game.

Sadly, emphasis not mine.


Not that it’s “Official”, … but at the BBQ we organised a pre march meet & drink at Y&J’s as per last year.

Looks at this stage to be about 3.30.


Cool :slight_smile:


Just the term Hype Videos has flash mob or goal music style cringe written all over it.


Don’t they do this all the time at Etihad?
I certainly don’t mind watching highlights of Essendon smashing Hawthorn in the pre-game.
Or of the returning players for that matter.


Agree, but I think you have to be careful with these things sometimes. Just the videos, are often the best way to create the hype; anything as long as they’re not over-done with gimmicky flashing lights, music or a heart-beat sound effect etc. That stuff can be cringeworthy sometimes. And honestly, it’s the footy, most people don’t need to be reminded to get hyped up before the bounce.


Who has these 18 billion tshirts and how do I get two??


I agree that you don’t want to go Hollywood with them.
Hopefully ‘Hype’ is just an unfortunate choice of words.


Planning to get to Y & Js about 4pm. Who else is in?


Reckon they should beam vision of the march into the rooms for the players to see.


Not going to be able to make it :cry:

Make some extra noise for me, you lot.


Will be there for the march thankfully but unable to stay for the game due to a committment I simply cannot miss, and am absolutely livid about it.

Turn the joint into a cauldron of red and black passion and noise Blitzers…going to be a great occassion


Might get there. Chance to meet some blitzers for the first time.


I’ll be there. I’ll be the one in red and black.


Any early estimates of how many will attend the march?