MARK HARVEY joins The Lunchtime Catch Up to review 2018

BREAKING! Here it is!!! Mark Harvey joins the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast for a one lengthy chat about how the Essendon side performed in 2018 and why 2019 is exciting. You won’t want to miss this one trust me


‪Here is the ITunes link for Mark Harvey Season review Podcast. Harvs as honest as always!!!‬

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Soooooo…hes not getting the Sarse?

Yeh he ain’t going anywhere i presume …considering this chat

Not that he knows of.

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PoooThis won’t be liked by the “gloomers” so happy to stufc him in the cannon. Go Harvs I say

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I love how stubborn Harvs is. It’s hilarious.

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Nice get! Looking forward to listening to his take on our year.

A few weeks ago, Hooker was being interviewed. They asked him about being coached by Mark Harvey. Hooksey said that he’ll walk into a team meeting before Worsfold arrives, and tells the players that we need to target [player x] because he was sniping blokes behind the play, last year when we played them.

He’d do it every week… try and get the players to start a fight. Hooksey said, they have to calm him down and say ‘nah, we’re gonna play the football and put our head over it.’

Apparently he remembers every player that hits Zac Merrett behind the ball!


mark harvey in his down time.


Harvey used to be my favourite player as a kid so used to watch him closely. One little thing I noticed was he always gave Adrian Gleeson from Carlton a hard time. Does anyone know why? It amusing me that now he coaches his son.

Unsure why myself

Think he was just envious of the boofness of his hair.

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Nephew, not son.


Good show Scott. Super excited to hear his enthusiasm about next year. Hope BJ accepts the invite to do a guest interview!

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Cheers mate. He genuinely did seem positive about 2019 and especially Francis. The Guelfi comments were interesting

Me too

Great Podcast, thanks.

Enjoy your positive vibe.

Great to hear Harvey’s take on 2018.

what he say about Guelfi?

Cheers SCarey