Marlion Pickett

So for those in a particular thread, I give you this: our recruiting department were deadset sold on Marlion Pickett.
But you know being some sort of ‘risk’ it went to the board and - I believe narrowly - the plan was shelved.
So if you read that I asserted the club is “dysfunctional” then this is an example.
For the love of God, surely our recruiting department know a bit more about potential recruits than the board!
Reading yet another article on Pickett today almost made me spew.


Am glad to see this finally being talked about


surprised we don’t have more threads.


Adrian was very keen. Overruled.


X gonna block ya.


Enough. He’s played one game in a side that was never gonna lose.
Let’s see how his career pans out before we criticize the non selection of him by 17 other clubs!


If Adrian was over ruled on a recruiting selection by the board, what’s the reason for Adrians continued existance as an EFC recruiter? He’s been effectively ‘neutered’!
OK? So which board member is making selections in this draft?


The fact that he broke his finger the week before the draft surely didn’t help.


Yep and talked about ad nauseam in many threads.

I hope this was a major part of the decision. We had blokes dropping like flies and someone else sitting on the sidelines wasn’t going to help the situation.

Please let that be the reason. Please, please!

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At board level? Amazing.

Before the ND does the recruiting department have to come up with a list of the 50 players that they want to draft, and then have each ratified by the board as meeting whatever requirements the board think need to be fulfilled by a recruit that are obviously not football related?

Imagine having Dodoro’s job. You have to put together a list to win football games, but you are constantly battling against a who;le bunch of forces that think they know better what the club needs.

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I think that’s a pretty unfair question to ask CL.


Dumb question but are board meeting minutes available to members?

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I’d rather not know if it’s true or not. I kinda prefer the wild accusations scenario.


Every job I’ve ever applied for has a police check as part of the process.

Even if it was the wrong decision, any analysis has to be a bit more nuanced than the board overruled. He wouldn’t have been hired in the marketing department either.

I don’t have a problem with club not selecting Pickett … Snelling appears a perfectly fine pick.

I do have a problem if the Board are overruling our GM of Recruiting on a draft pick.


I grew up with Marlion and played all my juniors with him. He came to games with Dad and I every weekend all the way through to playing up and winning a colts GF together before his family moved town.

From where he has come from to where he is now, considering all obstacles and disadvantages overcome, those are the reasons that should actually make you recruit him rather than not.

No mistaking the terrible choice he once made but everything he’s done since examples the strong character you seek in a player you’re looking to recruit, exceptional skill aside. Disappointing if OP is true.


It’s not who we did/didn’t pick that is the issue.
I’d be deeply concerned if there is any truth to the board overruling any recruitment decisions though


The story should be Richmond are awesome for both giving him a chance and providing the support needed.


If Catherine Lio chose Snelling I wouldn’t be opposed to her becoming List Manager.

He goes alright I reckon.