Marngrook Footy Show has been axed on SBS

SBS has axed the Marngrook Footy Show for 2020.

The longest running free to air footy show left standing on Aussie TV was on Tuesday cancelled by the network after 12 years on SBS and NITV.

The weekly footy panel show, which starred former AFL star Gilbert McAdam, was one of the highest profile shows on the NITV channel and the most popular sports show on the indigenous Australian produced station.

However, SBS has now confirmed the show will not be returning when the 2020 AFL season begins in March.

Marngrook Footy Show founder and producer Grant Hansen confirmed the show’s death sentence on Wednesday.

“It’s true that NITV – SBS has decided after 10 successful years and there (sic) most popular show not to continue with the Marngrook Footy Show,” Hansen wroteon Facebook.

“We are hopeful of continuing on another network. We thank all our fans and supporters for your support to the program over 12 years.”

The fark?

Why does SBS farking exist if not for exactly this type of program?


This part doesn’t make any sense. Funding issues? Should be kept going, it is a decent show from the little l have seen.

And all were left with is farking Croc Media…

What a sh*tty media landscape we have for this competition.


It’s very weird. Indigenous focused station cuts a popular program showcasing indigenous talent and one which has broad interest given the topic.


If Channel 9 or the ABC picked it up it would be best rated football show on TV. They won’t though.


Thank Christ. Went to shitt a few years ago. Hopefully it’ll be replaced with something decent.

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Should cut the funding link for TV indigenous programs from SBS multicultural funding

It makes sense that SBS cut it. Not enough nudity.


Agree. Second rate show. Gilbert is a clown too. They had some good guests, that was the best part of the show. The rest was a shitshow

lol righto


There were some very rude heads on it at times though.

I can’t wait for CrockMedia to pick it up and get Kane and Damo to host it.


WTF? It was the only footy show I watched regularly each week. Sad to see it go.



Was the only one I watched (now and then) as I hate the others as they are just ego through and through.

For SBS to cut it is bizarre. I thought it ticked all their boxes.

Now I won’t watch any which makes me happy.

It was on SBS?

I assume outside of Victoria somewhere?

NITV channel 34?

Never enjoyed it and don’t enjoy Gilbert. Just find him odd.

The Channel 9 Black Guys Footy Show

With your new host: Eddie McGuire