Marriage is totally Gay


I think it was Senator Cameron who pointed out in the Senate debates today that religious bodies are rich and powerful and not so silent.


Whatever happened to the credo of separation of Church & State??

As if it’s ever really existed… :roll_eyes:



Why did the Senate pass first?

I feel out of touch, but surely bills go through the House of Reps first?

Or was this because the lower were on holidays?


Because it was a private member’s bill introduced by a Senator. Normally the government introduces legislation in the House of Reps as that is where a government (generally) has a majority, but technically bills can start in either.


More to the point, Malcolm gave the lower house a week off.


That was after the bill had been introduced into the Senate first.

Not saying he did the right thing, but it didn’t go to the senate bacause the house had a week off.


His excuse for running away from parliament this week was to allow all focus to be on the bill in the senate.

It passes the senate yesterday.

It could have passed the house of reps tomorrow. But they’re not there.

Spineless, lying, pathetic joke of a leader.


Yes i agree, but I was just explaining that this was not the reason why it went to the senate first.


What happened to that guy who used to appear on Q&A sporting a leather jacket? He almost gave the impression that a Liberal government with him at the helm wouldn’t be so bad. You have succinctly summed up his time as leader. It has been more than disappointing from a guy who cares more about his job than his principles. It was sickening to hear Brandis speak in the lower house about his “great” leadership for bringing about the plebiscite. Nothing but a self serving ■■■■ that put many people through hell because he didn’t have the guts to do what was right and what he believes in. It’s going to be a great day when he is removed from Office.


Indeed, IT, you’re right, I was posting a general comment, not disagreeing with you.


Absolutely, as long as it isn’t by Asbestos Julie.


Kevin Andrews it is then.


There should be a warning before you post crap like that Bugman!


Looking at that photo made me vomit a little in my mouth.


Well, there is always this guy…


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Yeah, you’re right. That’s probably overstepping the line.


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Family Court has ruled that trans teenagers don’t have to go to court to approve treatment. Another form of discimination removed.