Marvel Stadium


Delet this


Also they’re fat


The AFL is part of Australian rules footy - Unless the AFL has diversified into other sports.


At the end of the day nothing about any sport has any bearing on your life, so you may as well get off the forum.


If you could put 15 years of failure on a jumper, it still wouldn’t end up looking this bad. That’s some achievement.


never gets old


The AFL is simply the highest level of Australian rules football it doesn’t own the rights to the name.
One of my pets hates is how the AFL claims to be the be all and end all of our great sport. I even see Auskick signs in Adelaide saying “Come and try AFL today”


It infuriating. AFL isn’t the sport…


My post clearly stated part of Australian rules footy - Doubt it could be interpreted in any other way.


I’m sure I read in the article that one of the head honchos at the dogs is also a marketer for marvel?


These boots are made for running and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days, these boots are gonna kick a goal or 2. :grinning:

OK, backing outta this thread now. :grinning:


Imagine the injuries Joey would rack up wearing them.




In the backs of opponents heads?


I didn’t need gimmicks to attract me to the game in the early 80s just tough mother ■■■■■■■ like Watson, Baker, Hawker, Van Der Haar, about time we start to smashing this competition apart