Marvel Stadium


There’s a lot more to work with - with Blue Red and White vs poos and wees.


Sabertooth is the only one I can think of.


Hawks AFLW just released their outfit:


I might actually attend a game if they looked like that!


I am convinced there a few scrooges on this forum- This kind of gimmick guernsey is to attract the interest of children who are the future of the game.


Some of us just like the game for what it was.


You better go back in time to the 1860’s - I couldn’t give a flying f… about guernseys - In no way does it affect my life.


Make them all wear the ■■■■■■■ helmet!


I don’t know what or who that is, but I really doubt I’m gonna like it.


When these clubs disrespect their opportunity to wear their original historic strip… clubs that value their history should not be punished and forced to wear their away guernsey against these clubs seeking a cheap buck.



yes it may attract kids to the afl, not Australian rules football, a game that is slowly disappearing


Garbage like this is just further proof that the dogs will always be nothing more than a urinal cake of a club


The only Dead Pool I know of is a Dirty Harry Movie.

And, … I don’t like it. Not a all.

Comps become a fkn farce.


You clearly don’t know a dodgy photoshop when you see one


Everytime I think I can’t hate the AFL any more they do something that makes me hate them infinitesimally more


Quoted for posterity when we do the exact same thing


to be honest, this isn’t on them but on the Dogs. Who the hell agrees to wear something like that


The AFL are like the bikies. Once you get in debt with them you are in their pocket for life and as a welfare club they do as they are told


Gordon is already practicing his routine with their mascot for the pre game