Mason and Max - gridiron men

Depends on yer attitude towards being attracted to yer cousins.

If Max or Mason decide to come back to australia and give footy another crack can we sign them as an international rookie?

3 years of no aussie rules so cat B would be fine.
alternaltive talent


Nah, it would be the alternative pathways thing where they haven’t been playing at any registered AFL club for however many years (like the rugby guys and Alex Keath when he had been playing cricket).

Edit: what houli said.

Mason and Cincinnati are playing BYU on Kayo and youtube if anyone is interested. Currently trailing 14-10 at the half; they should probably be winning but their QB threw a pick six in the first quarter.

Mason has one punt and it was a good one; it was fair caught at the 5 yard line.


Second punt 39 yards; gives BYU the ball at their 30. I give him a C for that one.

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Max had 6 punts averaging 54.7, but one was returned for an 82 yard punt return TD in Arkansas loss to the Aggies.

Looks to be a complete team failure, but does the punter have any influence in stopping that ball play?

Where have I seen tackling attempts like those.


Usually not. But better things are expected of Australian punters because they usually played sports that involved tackling.

The classic was the first time Darren Bennet had a punt that was returned a long way - it looked like it was going to be a TD, but Bennett tackled and stopped the runner cold. Everyone was amazed because normally punters are weak tacklers. The commentators said that was the first time there were high-fives by both teams after a punt return.


My first thought was he out kicked the coverage, but the punt return muffed the catch, so that wasn’t a factor. I think that the dropped catch seemed to rattle the kicking team and they blew it.

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Smoke my pole Texas



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