Match day - ANZAC Day 2023

Give Sidebottom the medal now.

This is simply outcoached in this quarter. We changed our midfield up from the one who won the 3rd and look at the momentum change


Menzies is just so awful

We just cant have nice things … the universe just wont allow it

Same ■■■■ every year.


Where’s stringer?

Daicos will get it.

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This Is why Collingwood reins supreme! No other club is as dominant as them!
I thought we were challenging them in the 90’s but it was a wet dream, they are so far ahead of us and every other club in the AFL

They are a lot fitter than us.

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We look so out on our feet it’s unreal.

Well that was exciting for 3 quarters.

Can we start naming it the Essington Anzacwobbles?

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Said it in the second quarter.

900k and 2 first round picks for Shiel

I don’t think it’s coaching, the players have just been bullied, pushed off the ball, overpowered, fumbly etc

Do yourselves a favour. Switch off. I did. It’s better this way.


You don’t give them a sniff. You don’t EVER give them a sniff.

Jye Menzie has been deadset Fkn pathetic today
What a shocking performance

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great shiel
kick it over our forward head

And we should be absolutely SAVAGED for letting him run free